This Valentine’s, Surprise Your Partner with these Gorgeous Bouquets


Valentine’s Day is all about love, gifts, and flowers. Most couples plan to surprise each other with a bouquet of fresh blooms on this special day. While roses are everyone’s favorite, there are also many other flowers that make for a great Valentine’s Day bouquet. Be it sunflowers, tulips or peonies- the unique blossoms are a symbol of lifelong romance, prosperity, and joy. You can these fragrant beauties from a store nearby or go for the online flower delivery in Gurgaon. In case you are wondering which bouquet would best to say how you feel, here are our top ten:

Valentine’s, Surprise Your Partner with these Gorgeous Bouquets

  1. Roses
    How can we not start our list without mentioning the V-Day classics? A bouquet of roses is among the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are a symbol of romance, love, and undying beauty. The demand for red roses is so high in February that the flower growers actually hold their bushes of a rose for months for making them bloom at the right time for the 14th of February. This adds to the sought-after reputation of this timeless beauty.

  2. Tulips
    When you gift a bouquet of tulips, you are conveying warmth and comfort to your significant other. Symbolizing perfect love and ease, tulips are very elegant and easy to identify flowers that are usually linked to the Netherlands, the origin of them flourishing in the seventeenth century. They are not only affordable but also look breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. Peonies
    If you want a bouquet that speaks of prosperity, bashfulness and lifelong romance; all at once, peonies are for you. These fluffy flowers are believed to bring in good fortune to the one who receives them. These flowers also have their roots in the world of Greek myths. As per mythology, pretty nymphs were turned into peonies by Apollo whenever the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, would come to know that Apollo was flirting with them.

  4. Daisies
    Daisies have always been revered as a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty. Gerbera daisies loved for their huge flowering heads, come in assorted peppy shades which add a hint of cheerfulness and charm to these happy buds. People are often taken by surprise when gifted these unique flowers on any occasion, be it their birthday or on the universal day of love- February 14th.

  5. Hoary Stock
    Matthiola Incana or hoary stock makes for a delicate bouquet with a scent to die for. Its clove and spicy cinnamon fragrance make everyone fall in love. Your partner is in for a surprise if you are planning to gift them a bouquet of hoary stocks. These represent beauty which does not fade with time and age and also symbolizes lifelong joy. Your partner is surely going to love you even more for picking these unusual beauties for them.
  6. Pink Asters
    As per various sources, pink asters are an emblem of the goddess of love, Venus and these are known for their gorgeous flower head which is shaped like a star. Pink asters symbolize sensitivity, charm, and love.

  7. Red Chrysanthemum
    Red chrysanthemums are fiery red blooms that signify immense passion and love. This Valentine’s Day, make an effort to rekindle the spark in your relationship and please your partner with these sexy blossoms.

  8. Alstroemeria
    Also called as Peruvian lilies, alstroemeria, with its long-lasting, jaw-droppingly beautiful petals are a symbol of devotion and friendship. As per flower experts, these are native to the South American region. They bloom into multiple blossoms on each stem and can be put together to make voluptuous bouquets.

  9. Daffodils
    While many consider gifting daffodils on completing a decade of togetherness, these flowers can also be gifted on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day to bring in more happiness, good luck, and charm into your relationship.

  10. Ranunculus
    Popularly known as buttercups, ranunculus is a swirly and colorful flower that symbolizes radiance, attraction, and charm. A bouquet of these wonderful blooms is a great way of telling your partner that you are dazzled by their charm and aura.


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