Things You Need to Know About Ortho K Lenses

Ortho K Lenses

Imagine!!! If you can correct your eyesight and you don’t need to be dependent on the glasses even without undergoing surgery or a big treatment. Yes, now it is possible. With Ortho k Lenses it is possible.

Before Knowing It in Detail, Let Us First Discuss What Ortho K Lenses Are?

Ortho k is a process that fits the special contact lenses to reshape the cornea. These lenses are gas permeable contact lenses that you can wear at nights as well. This makes all to see clearly without wearing the glasses all day long. Generally it is a trained ophthalmologist or an optometrist who gives you the best ideas about using the ortho K lenses for vision correction and also if you suffer from cataract.

Things you should know about ortho k!!!

Ortho k is not as new as you thought of: You might be thinking that the ortho k technology is new technology or part of the recent innovation, but it is not. It has its roots from the early 1940s. But now it has been successful across the world. Many discoveries and developments took place during 1950 to 1980s and in 1990s the procedure begun properly.

Myopia has become considerably prevalent as compared to before if it is of more than 30 years: Do you know? More than 1.5 billion of people are suffering from myopia. It is one-quarter popular in the world. And do you know- Studies say that the count will increase in the next upcoming years. The lenses are soft and they can be worn without any itching or irritable sensation in your eyes.

These Fittings Require More Than One Visit

If you are considering that these fittings can be done in a day or at your first visit, then you are wrong. These fittings require more than one visit. It requires multiple numbers of months to get the ortho k lenses to get perfectly fit into eyes. These lenses are tailored as per the eyes shape, but the time is worth of the results as these lenses are the perfect option. You will get the right image at your retina helps you to see clearly.

Do You Know Kids Are A Better Candidate to Get This Treatment?

For all the kids who want to get rid of the glasses especially those who want to join the army and other services that require the right eyesight, it is good to get ortho k treatment. Therefore, for all the kids out there in the world, get ortho k treatment and get the right eyesight within a month.

The Effect of The Ortho K Lenses Can Last for More Than One to Two Days

You can find a significant effect in the first two days of the vision. After two days, the person will get clear eyesight free from any kind of problem. In the early stage of the treatment, you may face significant effects but remember that it is completely temporary. It will end up in good results and you will get the clear eyesight.

In early days, doctors recommend patients to wear the lenses even at nights. But once they settle down after completing the treatment, you will get the right eyesight without any effects. You cannot however combine the normal lenses with those that of the ortho lenses as they are specialized varieties.

Bottom line: For all those, who dream to remove their glasses, who want to flaunt their looks and who wishes to have correct eyesight, don’t worry, ortho k lenses are there to complete all your dreams. You can now get the ortho k lenses from online portals and also buy them from local retail stores, depending on the doctor’s prescription.


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