Things You Need To Know About Custom Orthotics

custom orthotics

The first thing you need to be certain about is what is custom orthotics? People suffering from arthritis and flat foot problems do benefit from custom orthotics. These are removable shoe instruments which provide you with relief and comfort due to their ability to provide stability and arch support to your body through your feet. The normal and basic ones are provided at counters in the stores, but custom ones provide you with better support and comfort. Thus, make sure that you always opt for custom orthotics rather than over the counter ones. You might need one if you have flat feet or have high arches. These disturb the body alignment and the pressure of your body which falls on feet is off balance. Due to this, you might suffer severe heel pain as well. To correct this, custom orthotics is available which can simply be slipped into your shoes and thus allows your body to experience stability and even pressure. Now, we shall study the different kinds of orthotics available in the market.

There are two types of custom orthotics available in the market; one is functional and the other is accommodative. You might be recommended one of those depending upon the condition you have.

Given Below Are The Details Of Both The Orthotics.

Custom Orthotics

1. Functional Orthotics – These are used to treat abnormal feet conditions or some pre-existing foot problems. They are also used to treat ankle motions which provide a lot of problems to the athletes, generally. They help in providing relief from functional orthotics. The material used for this particular orthotic is primarily something stiff like graphite or plastic. They are also available with extensions which can be wrapped around the ankle and lower leg for extra support. This is easily available in the market for the treatment of these problems:

A.drop foot

B. Arthritis

C. Flatfoot

D. Neuromuscular Disorders

E. Over or Under Pronation

2. Accommodative Orthotics – These are used to provide patients with extra support and cushion. They are used to spread the pressure evenly and provide relief to those parts of the foot where pressure is concentrated. They help in balancing the weight of the person in an even manner. Some of the problems which are dealt through accommodative custom orthotics are given below:

A. Plantar Fasciitis

B. Hammer Toe

C. Heuromas

D. Bunions

A good way to find out if you need an orthotics is by analyzing the soles of your shoes and sneakers. If you notice that the soles seem to be worn out at an only place and your footprints seem to be there at the only side of the sole, then definitely your alignment is off. And you should definitely get custom orthotics and consult a doctor immediately to provide yourself some relief.

Now, you might wonder why you should opt for a custom orthotics when something such as a general orthotics is available easily over the counter. This is because, if you opt for a custom one, it will definitely help you heal faster. This is certainly a little expensive when compared to the ones available over the counter, but the benefits accrued by it are much better. Using the wrong orthotic is much more dangerous and will eventually result in huge medical bills in the long run. Thus, opting something which might hurt the pocket once but keep you safe and heal you better is a better option.

Finally, you should always opt for something which will provide you with results. Opting something simply because it is cheap and easily available may not be the best way to go about. Other than that, the different types of custom orthotics are available and should be chosen wisely.   



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