What To Know About Corneal Reshaping Treatment Orthokeratology:

Corneal Reshaping

Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is a treatment stands for overnight correction practice for the cure of eye. The lenses used in this process are made from rigid but permeable lenses which allow smooth flow of oxygen for normal functioning of the eyes. The lenses are left overnight to correct the cornea shape and the next day, people are going around seeing clearly without wearing any spectacles or contact lenses. The lenses used for Ortho-k has the power to reshape the cornea and hence this process is known as corneal reshaping treatment. This treatment is an alternative to medical surgeries which take place to treat near and far sightedness.

Corneal Reshaping Treatment
Corneal Reshaping Treatment

Basically, lenses are shaped according to the person’s cornea using topography. This precision allows the lenses to adjust to the cornea accordingly which ensures the comfort of the patient. The lenses are gently inserted on top of the cornea and left to sit on it overnight. These lenses reshape the cornea and correct the refractive errors which were present and thus results in better vision. This correction is temporary and has an effect for a maximum period of 72 hours which is not very difficult. This article provides some things about corneal reshaping treatment which you probably didn’t know:

1. The issue of Myopia is becoming more and more prevalent from the past 30 years or so. Roughly there are around 1.5 billion people suffering from myopia and they are always looking for treatment. By the year 2020, this figure is expected to increase to another 1 billion. This issue has become more of global concern and people are always ready to try some new treatment to get better and avoid eyesight problems. This is becoming a global rage as it is very convenient, and people love the aspect of not getting surgery to treat this disease.

2. Corneal Reshaping Treatment is not as new as it is considered to be. This method was actually developed in the 1940s by the scientists who realized that cornea’s shape can be changed and adjusted externally. The 1960s and 1980s was the time when this method was developed, and further innovations were brought about which caused the world to actually accept in during 1990s. The contact lenses are shaped according to the cornea and hence it becomes easier to lay the lenses on the cornea.

3. The effect of the lenses lasts for more than one day. Typically, it lasts for 2 days and people can see without any obstruction. Patients are always encouraged to wear the lenses at night as it gives enough time for the cornea to reshape itself. This is a game-changing treatment for people who cannot make use of glasses and lenses.

4. Corneal Reshaping occurs without any pain which people usually think that accompanies it. The cornea is reshaped using hydraulic forces. The lenses actually form a cover of tears which have different levels of thickness. Some parts of the cornea become thicker and some are dehydrated to such an extent that it becomes extremely thin. This will eventually result in the lenses taking the exact shape of the cornea.

5. If you think, that these lenses will be made at one sitting, you are probably wrong. It takes multiple sittings and visits to an optometrist who will eventually get the correct shape of your cornea and then will be able to derive the results.

Thus, these top 5 points are something which a lot of people don’t know about. These five points about corneal reshaping treatment will help you in knowing about it better. The result produced is nothing short of surgery but it is achieved without any surgery and hence it is quite popular among people.


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