The Right Workout and Diet Plan Based on Your Body Type

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Have you been exhausting your body by trying every trending diet plan and workout regimen? And still not seeing changes? You shouldn’t be feeling stressed out or bogged down. You are missing something vital and that is your body type. You must take it into consideration to see the desired changes.

You should also consider any medical conditions like high blood pressure before you design your workout and diet plans. You cannot contradict your body type and its special needs. If you understand and focus on your body type, you will see how you can work on maximizing your workout time. You will also realize that less is more when you are making the right efforts. Let’s discuss it!

Three-Body Types

You need to figure out which of the following is your body type. That’s your step one.

  1. Ectomorph, the thin.
  2. Endomorph, the thick.
  3. Mesomorph, the muscular.

Once you have figured out your body type, then you can move forward to designing a suitable fitness plan for yourself.

For Ectomorph Body Type

If you belong to this category, you are skinny and tall with a little muscle mass. The possibilities are that you have a good metabolism and a good energy level. The biggest blessing that you enjoy is that you eat whatever you please. People with ectomorph body type are usually struggling to put on some weight. And trust us, it is as hard as losing weight for the obese ones.

Therefore, your workout will involve less cardio and more weight lifting. And the best part is more food! Eat within an hour after you work out. Since you have a speedy metabolism, lift heavier weights and do lesser reps. Consider having 3-5 sets. After you have warmed up and stretched, consider designing giant sets.

The proper combo of weight training and nutrition will deliver results as quick as a month’s time.

For Endomorph Body Type

Do you have the endomorph body type? You need to really watch out! This body type is inclined to store more fat than both other body types. Be regular with cardio exercises. Consider doing them every day. Also, perform the weight-training exercises, which essentially burn stubborn fat.

Remember that exercises with low weight and more reps tend to speed up the metabolism. Especially for females. It’s good to concentrate on the large muscle groups for weight-training. Focus on glutes, thighs, and your back. You will need to burn calories according to the muscle group that you are working out on.

Also, consider multi-joint exercises. They will work wonders for your lower body. For instance, squats involve hip flexors and knees. And leg extensions involve knees only. If you don’t like sticking to a gym routine, hiking and cycling are your perfect replacements. You will witness stubborn pounds shedding off if you remain consistent.

For Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph is perhaps the body type that everyone wants to have. It is symmetrical, and a well-balanced body that doesn’t need to work very hard in order to retain muscle. However, it would be wrong to think that this body type is without any challenges.

This body type is vulnerable to quick weight gain. It is also prone to bloating when carbs are consumed in good quantities. For the mesomorph body type, it is essential to consume veggies and protein in order to maintain muscle mass. You don’t need to really burden yourself with lots of cardiovascular activity if you are watching your diet and stretching to lengthen the bulky muscles. The ideal workout regimen would be anaerobic cardio for 20 minutes.

The super setting is the mesomorph body’s friend. Since this type is capable of retaining muscle mass, all it needs it chiseling the physique to expose those muscles.

When it comes to weight-training, stay away from the heavy ones. Consider cutting down the cardio sessions if you want to see a chiseled physique in no time.

Essential Diet Advice

None of the aforementioned workout regimens will be effective unless paired with the right diet. I used to start following every new exercise I read online – my whole existence was YouTubing tutorials on my Optimum internet service. Until I realized the hard way. Nutrition remains to be the key to the whole process. And that’s true whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. The right nutrition will maximize the results of all your efforts.

Some key points here, which are true for all the body types, would be staying away from sugar. It is a known fact that sugar slows down your fat-burning process. Stay away from carbs, especially the complex and refined type. Increase your protein intake. When it comes to sugar intake, some fruits are better than others are. Also, consume more green veggies. These simple eating habits are essential if you want to stay fit and healthy.

Good luck!


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