The Important Apparels for Golfers


Every sport has its set uniform or attire that has become quite particular to the sport. A golfer’s attire till the recent past is the outdated polo shirt and slacks in either dull, primary colours or prints that are anything but exciting. However, now, with women taking up golf in a big way, the trends have changed, and today, you find both men and women in sleek, comfortable and athletic while wearing appropriate golf attire.

Women golfers, initially, didn’t have the variety of fashionable options available to them today, so they dressed in whatever was available, matching the game’s dress code. However, now several brands offer a perfect balance of style, appropriate and comfort. 


The best golf shirts don’t limit movement, wick sweat away from your body, dry quickly and make you feel confident. PUMA is the world’s leading Sports Brand, creating, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. Puma golf shirts provide golfers with comfort and style nowadays while meeting the dress protocol. Today’s golfers look for something that looks good and feels fresh on the golf course and Puma has come with such a variety that the golfers display.


Golf shorts for men must help golfers take golf to the next level. The golf shorts should keep you dehydrated and comfortable when you work out, no matter how intense your session. Under Armour golf shorts match the above requirements. Like all athletic gear, the men’s golf shorts are made with lightweight, durable materials that stretch in every direction you move, so you’re unrestricted from your takeaway to your follow-through. And they wick, sweat and dry fast, so you can keep lowering your score every round.

The golf shorts have features that enhance your game. The sweat-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry, even during the hottest rounds. The fabric can resist wrinkles, so you’ll be sharp from the first hole to the last. Perform at your peak with the best men’s golf shorts on the course.

Under Armour golf shorts are available in 7″ inseam and shorter 5″ sizes. The shorts provide optimal comfort and flexibility, allowing you to swing and focus on your game easily.

Their Iso-Chill shorts variety is made with fabric that pulls heat away from your skin so you can keep cool and focus on your game. No matter how far you drive the ball or how many rounds you walk, these shorts will help you take your game to the next level.

Elevate your game with our men’s athletic golf shorts. These shorts withstand the demands of the course while keeping you comfortable. Step up your game and conquer the links with our high-performance men’s golf shorts.


The correct footwear can be the be-all and end-all of your time on the golf course, but it can also be an individualistic fashion assertion. Golf shoes are distinguished by hard rubber or plastic soles to hold on firmly to the ground and prevent imbalance and slippage.






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