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Tagging gun for attaching labels with standard tagging pins. Very sturdy, comfortable and safe. Equipped with needle protection.

Taxi 75 is a product line consisting of tagging guns, tagging gun needles, tag pins and loop loop.

Sufficient for this kind of marking material it is possible to use standard or fine tagging gun for clothing.

Available in premium and ordinary quality roofing needles are universal needles that can also be used for other tagging guns, such as HAJO, DENNISON, SYSTEM 75, SYSTEM 120.

Labels are available in neutral and black color. Available in standard and fine thickness with 75 pcs. Strip in different lengths according to your needs. Label pins are universal, that is why they can be used in other brands of labeling guns.

Safe marking pins (loop lock) for manual marking are available in 130 mm size and 230 mm size, neutral color.

The Taxi 75 series can be used for attaching labels to clothes, shoes, toys, caps, gloves (using the labeling gun) as well as to glasses, jewelry, bags, suitcases, joining products in pairs (manual labeling).



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