10 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack in Women


Do you know the signs of a heart attack in women?  Heart attack signs in women are not necessarily the same as for men.

Statistics have shown that many women suffer heart attacks, as well as men, and that the numbers are rising. According to The Heart Foundation, heart disease is the #1 killer of women and more deadly than all cancers combined. It currently accounts for 1 in 4 of deaths and heart disease is the leading cause of death for African American women and Caucasian women.

Signs of a Heart Attack WomenWith these rising numbers, educating women (and their loved ones) about the signs of a heart attack is becoming more and more important. Since 2/3 of all women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease were unaware of any symptoms, greater awareness of this deadly disease is important.

Basically a heart attack occurs when the heart muscle is suddenly deprived of blood that carries oxygen. This happens when arteries responsible for supplying the heart with blood become narrow as a result of cholesterol or fat accumulation.

1Signs of a Heart Attack in Women

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While many of us might know some of the signs of a heart attack, they may be signs more common to men than to women.  Contrary to what many people think, women tend to have slightly different signs compared to men. The danger lies in the fact that some of these symptoms happen silently and if you’re not careful, can be missed or ignored.

Remember that a heart attack doesn’t just happen, there are numerous early warning signs of a heart attack in women that should serve as alerts especially if you’re aware of what you need to look out for in advance. Studies have indicated that only about 25 percent of women suffer sudden heart attacks without showing any prior visible symptoms.  So 75% of heart attacks give a warning sign, which we will discuss here.

Like with so many health issues, not all of these symptoms will be seen with every heart attack since different women have different reactions and don’t always suffer from the exact same symptoms. Note that some of these symptoms could appear, go away and come back again.

In addition, women can notice these symptoms when they are either resting or being active.  Be careful and listen to your body. If you notice that you have any or a combination of the heart attack symptoms discussed below, it would be smart to get immediate medical attention.

The sad thing is women tend to wait longer than they ought to before they call for help compared to their male counterparts. Learning and understanding what are the different heart attack symptoms will help to save your life or that of someone you love.

Massive Pain and Discomfort in the Chest

signs of heart attack

Chest pain is one of the major symptoms of a heart attack. However, women don’t experience it the same as men. In most cases, it feels as if the chest is full or is being squeezed.

Also, the pain isn’t necessarily restricted to the left side of the chest. Women who’ve gone through this experience say it’s very uncomfortable because you feel your chest increasingly becoming tight.



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