My baby wouldn’t stop crying until I discovered all natural baby powder


After having three children, I figured my fourth would be a piece of cake. I mean, I had done this three times before. How could it go wrong? Just when you think you have mastered the art of parenting, you will have a little one that will put your skills to the test. For me, that was my fourth child and my first son. My first three were relatively mellow and more of fussers than criers. Well, that all changed when my last one turned three months. Now I knew why people would get so stressed by a crying baby. He seemed to cry all the time, especially when he needed to be changed.

And he seemed to always be wet. Born with a voracious appetite, he burned through diapers at record speed. On top of that, I learned the hard way, that unlike my girls, he suffered from sensitive skin. It seemed every day after just a few diaper changes, his skin would be bright red and irritated. I tried my best to stay on top of diaper changes, changing him the minute I thought he was wet or soiled, resulting in days filled with diaper checks and changes. But unfortunately, at night. I couldn’t be as vigilant. He would be sleeping so well that I did not want to disturb him, and then the crying would come, and I knew immediately he was wet and irritated. And sure enough, the diaper rash looked angrier than ever.

Knowing his skin was sensitive made me hesitant to try creams, and made me completely against the powder, fearing that the talc would cause more irritation. I sought out my friends for advice. Many of them had children with sensitive skin, and I was hoping they had a solution. That is when I found out about a talc-free baby powder that was all-natural. “Here, take this,” she said and handed me her Infant Dry Talc Free, All Natural Baby Powder. She swore by it and said she would never use anything else on her little ones.

I was amazed at how smoothly it went on when I gently patted his irritated skin during his diaper change. Moments later, he seemed to calm as if the powder was already beginning the soothing process. It was not long before his rash cleared up, and the startling nighttime cries began to cease. He seemed to enjoy his new diapering routine, so I kept up with the powdering even after his rash was cleared and was amazed at how dry it continued to keep him, even with his constant wetting. The powder actually prevented the rash from coming back. I will never use anything else on my son’s diaper rash and will make sure that Infant Dry Talc Free, All Natural Baby Powder is a part of our diapering routine for as long as he’s in diapers. I would highly recommend it to be new and even us experienced moms, who are surprised at how much more we learn with each new blessing.




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