List of flowers that express gratitude to others, meaningfully!


Want to thank the neighbor with flowers who always walk your dog? Well, showing appreciation and gratitude is always a kind gesture, and it keeps the aura of living alive. You know you can nurture a relationship by showing them appreciation and gratefulness.

Studies have even found that showing appreciation and gratitude can actually make you a happier person. It helps the person to feel more positive emotions and improve their health. Now you got all the reasons to show appreciation? I’m not here to teach ethics and morals, but you know, saying thank you for the good deeds never hurt anyone. There are many ways to show your appreciation, and some of them are by writing a thankyou note, or make a gratitude journal, or thank a person verbally.

If you are not good at expressing your feelings through words, why not do it with online flower delivery in Mumbai? Flowers are always an easy and convenient option. Flowers have been used to express feelings for ages. And believe me, flowers are really good at this task. They can be used along to compliment a bigger gift, and they can even stand on their own as a token of appreciation. We all are aware of the fact that different flowers symbolize different meanings, and one of them is appreciation. Though all flowers show appreciation some of them say it louder than others. Want to know which ones are those? Here is a guide to flowers that say thankyou louder than words. 


Let’s start the list with one of the most beautiful flowers in the world- orchids. Orchids are considered exotic flowers, obviously because of their exotic and classic appearance. Orchids are available in a wide variety of colors and species. Each color represents a different meaning. When they are in their full bloom, they carry the feeling of elegance and class along. That is why people often go for orchids when they want to send flowers to Kolkata for someone with a classy personality. Also, because of their luxury appearance, this flower is perfect for sending to the person who has stood by you in your difficult times. 

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are flowers that grow on climbers. Though this flower is not as common as roses and carnations, you must have heard the name before. This flower might be not that common, but it is an equally beautiful, colored, and fragrant flower. It is an annual flower that is available in different varieties and can be grown in small flower pots as well. Gifting someone sweetpeas is the greatest way to show someone that you are grateful to them. Just choose a vibrant colored bouquet. All the credit of putting sweet peas in this category goes to the Turks, they started it, and after that, they are used as thank you gift till now. So, this flower surely deserves a place in your annual garden.


Here is another flower that is loved by a massive number of people in the world. And they have all the reason to love this flower, it looks beautiful, smells lovely, and is easily available and that too at reasonable rates. Like orchids, this flower is also available in a wide range of colors, and each color represents different meanings. You can gift red roses if you want to express love, but here we are talking about expressing gratitude. For that, opt for roses in the color pink, yellow, and peach. If you are not sure about the flower arrangement to say thank you, go for rose without even thinking twice.


Yes, even lilies are on this list. These flowers are big and smell great. Just like the flowers mentioned above, lilies are also available in many different colors. If you want to appeal to the five senses of the receiver, then lilies are your way to go. In general, lilies are a symbol of devotion, purity, and passion. But this big flower is also presented to someone you want to say thank you. To show appreciation, you can opt for colors like white, yellow, and pink. 

This is the list of flowers that show gratitude on your behalf. So, next time, don’t think twice to appreciate someone’s efforts. 


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