Kundali Reading For Love And Relationships


Kundali Reading For Love And Relationships

One of the most widely used benefits of online Kundali report is, reading the Kundali for love and relationships. 

Different houses in Kundali rule and affect different aspects of our lives and the most important aspect of one’s life is love, relationships and marriage. 

People who believe in astrology generally turn to Kundali or Birth chart reports for analyzing their chances, when it comes to love and relationships. 

Love is that part of everyone’s life that they are very sensitive about. Everyone needs love to survive and succeed. While love may come from many sources, the love that makes or breaks a person is the love of a partner. Finding real and fulfilling love is the most difficult task for anyone. 

Many of you may wonder, why is it so difficult to be happy in love? When you only need love to make a relationship work then why is it that some people are extremely happy in their relationships and marriage while others struggle to get married or make their married life satisfying or maybe just save their marriage?

The answer lies in the Birth chart of every individual. Different houses and planetary transitions have different impact on every one’s love and marriage. 

From the kind of partner you will get, the kind of marriage (whether love or arranged), the kind of relationship post marriage, to, whether the marriage will be successful or not. Everything can be predicted by carefully analyzing an individual’s Janam Kundali or Birth Chart. 

Let’s begin by understanding the benefits of Kundali Reading for love and relationships-

Benefits Of Kundali Reading For Love And Relationships

Benefits Of Kundali Reading For Love

Kundali reading for love and relationships can point out different factors that affect your love relationships and marriage. The benefits of getting your Birth chart analysis for love and relationships are plenty-

  • Kundali reading can describe the kind of love life and success rate of relationships of an individual. 
  • Kundali reading can point out the kind of partner an individual will eventually end up with.
  • Birth chart analysis can predict if you will have an arranged marriage or love marriage.
  • Careful analysis of Birth chart can indicate when you will get married.
  • Kundali reading can describe the kind of relationship you will share with your partner- both emotionally and physically.
  • Kundali reading can point out the struggles that you may have to face in love and marriage. 
  • If someone is having a hard time finding the right partner and struggling to get married, then Kundali reading can identify the reasons why they may be having such problems. 
  • Kundali Reading can highlight the Doshas in one’s Kundali that are preventing them from finding the right partner or having a happy and fulfilling married life. 
  • Analysis of Birth chart can also help in identifying the astrological remedies that need to be followed for managing the Doshas in the Kundali. 
  • WIth detailed analysis of one’s Kundali, one can get help on how to overcome the obstacles someone is facing in getting married to a partner of their choice.

How To Predict Love Using Birth Chart Analysis

Benefits Of Kundali Reading For Love

Activities and transitions in the houses that impact relationships, partnerships, marriage, love, socialization can greatly influence your love life. 

With that being said, astrologers look for these key indicators when they are analyzing a Birth chart. So, here are the top astrological interactions that can help in predicting love. 

1. When there is movement in your 7th House

According to Vedic astrology, 7th House in a Kundali relates to partnerships, especially marriage. The kind of marriage you will have, the struggles that you may have to face with marriage, how fulfilling or dissatisfying a relationship will be, if you will be able to have children from a marriage. All these things are described by careful analysis of the 7th House of a Kundali. The main purpose of Kundali matching is to study the 7th House of both the partners to find if their partnership will work out in the future or not. 

2. When there is movement in your 5th House

In Vedic astrology, 5th House relates to you ability to make new friends and partners, be socially active, to create moments of fun and enjoyment, to create a happy and satisfying relationship. The 5th House includes an individual’s mental intelligence, righteousness, luck, spiritual inclinations; all of which are needed to make decisions regarding relationships and carrying them forward towards fulfillment. 

3. When there is an interaction between Venus and Saturn

When the interaction between Venus and Saturn in a Kundli is harmonious, then it can indicate that you are about to find new love or enter into a new relationship in the coming future.

While Venus represents love, Saturn indicates responsibility and commitment. 

4. When Venus and Jupiter come together

Everytime that Jupiter and Venus pair up, it adds sparkle and excitement to your relationships. This pairing in your Birth chart increases your options for love. Venus represents love and Jupiter good luck and expansion, and together, they represent good luck in love and relationships. 

5. When there is a Progressed Moon in your 7th House

When the progressed Moon is going through your 7th House, it is a sign that something really significant will happen in your love life. Maybe you will enter into a serious relationship or get married. 

6. When there is activity in your 11th House 

In Vedic astrology, 11th House represents your social circle, and people who will help you realize your desire and help you in fulfilling your dreams, which in most cases are our close friends or partners. 

Astrology provides ways for creating and analysing your Kundali or Birth chart to make predictions about all spheres of your life. Marriage and love are the most talked about topics in astrology, and the reason is simple, an individual’s entire life depends on the decision of marriage, and that is why people tend to be overly cautious about this and use Kundali matching for finding out if someone will make the right partner.


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