Know about the Types of Acne to Get Faster Removal


You heard that acnes are the growth problem. Your mother or grandmother used to tell that acnes are caused during you hit puberty. But a lot of people get acne even after puberty. Some even spend their whole life with acne. For them, it never stops.

But what is exactly this? What is acne? Acne is a skin condition. When the small hair follicle of your skin gets clogged with excessive facial oil and dirt and dead cells the cells get inflamed and causes acne. There are a lot of internal factors that cause acne or pimples. It can be hormonal or genetic or due to t pollution or due to bacteria that live on your skin.

Acnes need proper care to make them disappear. If you do not take care or simply pop them then you will get stubborn acne scars. These scars do not go away easily. A lot of people suffer from acne and acne scars. They need to use acne scar removal cream for face.

 Different types of acne

 There are different types of acne which can happen to yours. Acnes are not always red bumps on your skin. There are mainly two types of acne;

Non-inflammatory types of acne that do not cause pain, inflammation-

  •  Whiteheads

Whiteheads are called comedones in medical science. Whiteheads happen due to clogged pores. These look like small white coloured or flesh coloured spots or bumps on your skin. In general, whiteheads are distinguished by a red halo with the white and circular centre. In some cases, a hair comes out from the centre of the whitehead or the hair follicle may be trapped inside the whitehead.

Usually, the skin around the whitehead appears tightened or wrinkled if the whitehead is large and raised. Whiteheads do not cause scars. So, you do not need to use no scars face cream for whiteheads, but if you get any scar while removing those, you can use it.

  • Blackheads

Blackheads are also another type of comedones. Blackheads are tiny dark raised bumps or spots. The area surrounding blackheads generally have normal coloured skin. The centre of the blackhead is of dark brown or black. 

Blackheads are an evolved type of pf whiteheads. These are the result of open plugged pores. If the pores become open and wider then the whitehead gets exposed to air and become dark in colour.

Inflammatory acne can cause pain, swelling and often scars. This type of acne is severed then the previous type and can cause complications. So you need to be careful with them. 

  •  Papules

Papules are small bumps that form under the epidermis layer. Papules are solid, soft, pinkish bumps. The skin around a papule usually appears swollen and red. Papules do not have any visible centre and the pores are also not wide. Papules develop from blackheads or whiteheads if the skin surrounding them get damaged and irritated.

  • Nodules

Nodules are painful, hard, swollen lumps that have deep routes in the skin. It looks just like bigger and deeper papules. Nodules do not have any visible centre and cause scars if they are popped.

  • Cysts

Most severe types of acne. These are pus-filled large, soft, painful lumps which have the route in the dermis layer of the skin.

Now you will be able to identify which type of acne do you have. Always contact a doctor if you get severe acne.


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