Kinds of Environmental Graphic Design


What city looks like? Just imagine a grocery store with no labels, street with no signs and the hotel with any room numbers. How does it look to you? It sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately, nothing is real in a nightmare. So, thanks to the Environmental Signage .

What do you mean by Environmental Graphic design? These are the components in graphic form which is included in the design of the environment as a whole. These types of graphic design are also known as experiential design. It involves designing everything in the surroundings in a manner that links people with space. It is a blend of graphic design, architecture, interior design, landscape design and industrial design to form a unique place more than just a setting or a place. It can make space and the location more informative, easy to navigate and the visitors can memorize the sign very clearly.

Environmental Signage Washington DC is nothing innovative and new, one of the earliest forms is painting stories onto the walls of the aesthetic building as well as caves. In today’s world, these signs are still used to tell stories but in a complex way which is short and precise. You need to answer some questions in the signage. Where are you heading to? Where are you now? What is the company involved in? What they try to do? All those stories were designed, communicated and understood in a very good way. So, the designer needs to do a better job.

Kinds of Environmental Graphic Design: The Environmental Signage is an amalgamation of graphic, architectural, landscape, industrial and interior design. Due to this, environmental designers not only have expertise and experience in the field of the environment but also about the architecture. So, they do have a good understanding of designing components such as hierarchy in visual form and color while are also able to comprehend the industrial design proposals as well as have the great score of readability effectively. 

All the designs of Environmental Signage  can be implemented to an ample number of various locations to make the experience of the customers more appealing and exciting. Here are some of the diverse types of environmental graphic designers dip into way finding system, exhibition, Interactive experiences, public installation, place making and identity.

The technique of way finding is successful in many locations such as offices, hospitals, schools, place-making and identity so that the clients can easily find the job. It will thoroughly make the appearance of the brand excited.

Environmental Graphics is not hiding now but it can now see as well as understand it in a good way. You just need to take a look around to evaluate the main differences. It needs not to be too much impressive as it seems, even you can see the signs on the street are a form of environmental design. What makes the environmental Signage impressive is the assistance that is given to first-time clients and helpful for navigation purposes.   


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