JobEnrolls: A Safest Freelancing Platform In Bangladesh


Job Enrolls Bangladesh is the leading online platform for employers and Bangladeshi Freelancers to connect and cooperate as well as complete the projects. Search our system of Freelancers in Bangladesh who are eager to assist you with your technical, writing, design, administrative and business projects. Make the most of our robust search to investigate the profiles of experts, including past work and feedback and reviews so you can hire the best with confidence.

Categories Offered by Job Enrolls Bangladesh

Job Enrolls Bangladesh is the safest platform to Hire Freelancers in Bangladesh and gets the job done in the best way. It offers a lot of categories and some of the categories are listed below:

·         Web, Mobile & Software

·         Writing

·         Design & Creative

·         Sales & Marketing

·         Admin Support

·         Data science & Analytics

·         Customer Service

·         Engineering & architecture

How Job Enrolls Bangladesh Works

The process to Hire Freelancers in Bangladesh on Job Enrolls Bangladesh is safest and very simple. Have a look at the steps to hire Freelancers in Bangladesh

Post a Job

The first thing that you need to do is to post the job on Job Enrolls Bangladesh to get the job done. You will have to enter the requirements and specifications about the project.

Freelancers come to you

The Bangladeshi Freelancers will check the requirements regarding the job, Enroll the Bid and contact you if they have the skills to do the job.

Collaborate easily

Job Enrolls Bangladesh is safest platform and enables you to collaborate easily to hire freelancers in Bangladesh.

Payment simplified

The payment process for the employer and freelancer is very simple and easy to follow. There will be no delay in the payments and the amount will be transferred in your account.

Advantages of Safest Freelancing platform Bangladesh

Job Enrolls Bangladesh is the best platform for the freelancers in Bangladesh. The freelancing jobs in Bangladesh offers a lot of advantages to the freelancers. Have a look at some the advantages.

You are the Boss

This implies you can pick when and where you work. In case you are a night owl, you can work the whole night and sleep in until noon while never having to go out. Moreover, you can likewise choose what projects you need to deal with. If you are a photographer, you may fear working weddings. This implies you don’t need to acknowledge a wedding independent job in the event that you would prefer not to, however you will have the option to choose just the occasions or situations that you prefer to click pictures of.

You Can Make More Money

In the event that you have the drive, Bangladeshi freelancers can possibly get more cash-flow as compared to an average individual. A few reports have discovered that freelancers really earn 45% more than the average full-time worker.

Lower Taxes 

Government and state taxes aren’t withheld from the paychecks and the freelancers in Bangladesh pay the IRS 4 times for each year, including self-employed tax instead of social security. They additionally approach tax reductions such as travel, office, meal, and internet expenses.

Work-Life Balance

Between flexible working schedules, and the way that just 29% of the independent employees put in over 40 hours out of every week, freelancers have a great work and life balance.

Happier and Healthier

Studies have discovered that freelancers are happier and healthier, both mentally and physically as compared to the traditional workers.

Tips to earn more or get more Jobs

Bangladeshi freelancers can earn more by getting the best freelancing jobs in Bangladesh. You can get the best jobs and earn more by following the below mentioned tips.

Highly-specific niche is must

One of the major reasons Bangladeshi freelancers struggle with their new and innovative business activities is on the grounds that they haven’t defined a particular niche.

Not exclusively does establishing an independent niche give you a favorable position in getting found on the search platforms, it can likewise enable you to assemble a reputation as a specialist resource in key networks.

Bounce on up sell opportunities with existing customers

Numerous freelancers in Bangladesh overlook one of the biggest potential sources of new business: their existing customers. Worries about coming off as excessively pushy or sales-y can make you pass up potentially lucrative opportunities to give extra value, expand existing contracts, and deepen customer relationships.

Leverage your connections and after that leverage them again

Verbal exchange is as yet the most powerful driver of new customers for freelancers in Bangladesh. Traditional networking remains the overwhelmingly dominant way freelancers acquire new clients. Building a reputation worth talking about clearly doesn’t occur without any forethought, yet all the freelancers ought to continually look to their existing networks to mine for new prospects.

Connect with clients on freelance networking sites

Despite the fact that traditional informal exchange earns freelancers the most new jobs, getting your name out there needs to start some place. Today there’s a wide assortment of networking sites designed explicitly for freelancers to connect with potential customers.

Perfect Your Pitching

There’s a science and art behind pitching your independent services to new customers. Since it’s such a significant part of running a profitable independent business, you should focus and pat attention to it.

Landing new customers isn’t simply an issue of crafting a wonderful independent proposal. Your success relies upon how you are selecting new online jobs in Bangladesh, how you position your value propositions, and how much research you do ahead of time.


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