Is there handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair?


Those who have pets in the house, (I personally have the experience, since I have four cats), can imagine the arduous task of cleaning the house. However, pets are also a lot of fun. They just demand a lot of care and attention. The most common problem is cleaning pet hair that is invariably scattered throughout the house, on beds, under beds, stairs, rugs, etc. Therefore, we need a special handheld vacuum that addresses this problem.

• When I searched the web for one of those wonders, I came across the Black and Decker Pet Series Cyclone Action Dustbuster and Blower as it had good customer ratings.

• This is a 750-watt handheld vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to clean pet hair and help people like me. When I first used it, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed with which it removes pet hair.

• The most important feature that I found very useful is the rubber bristles on the turbo retriever brush. This generates an electric charge to collect and release pet hair, which is certainly better than normal turbo brushes.

• Another added benefit is that the flexible crack hose can be conveniently converted to a blower so that pet hair in hard-to-reach places can be easily removed.

• I could also see how the pet’s hair was pulled through the translucent bowl and turbo head. This weighs just 24 ounces and can be easily removed and emptied.

• There is a three-stage filtration of the cleaner exhaust and can be stored with the help of a convenient cable wrap, when not in use

• I found the 20 foot cord to be very useful for cleaning even stairs and floors.

• If you want a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the option is clearly Black and Decker Dustbuster and Blower.

• There is a two-year warranty on this handheld vacuum.



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