Is it Okay to Ignore Foundation Water Leaks?


    Your home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It is well said that a home is our safe haven. Foundation water leaks can turn your safe haven into a place full of chaos and danger. During the rainy season, when homeowners face issues like water leakage, mold, and a smelly home, they often ignore them, thinking they are not significant concerns.


    However, water leakage can pose a severe threat to our structure and put the lives of the people in the home at risk. Here are five warning signs to spot foundation water leaks; let’s read about them below.


    Signs of Foundation Water Leaks

    Change in Air: 

    The first noticeable sign of water leakage and the presence of moisture is a change in the air inside the home. Most people think that damp and smelly air is due to the rainy season, but the truth is that it’s a warning sign.


    The smell can be due to water flooding in your basement or mold. Finding the source of the scent can be tricky; therefore, it is recommended to seek professional foundation repair help.


    Cracks on the Basement Walls and Floor: 

    After facing a basement flood, cleaning up the water is not the only task; it’s just the beginning of the functions. You must check for cracks in your basement floor or walls and get them filled with epoxy injections or waterproof cement. While this might not be sufficient in the case of large water floods, you need to install a French drain or use a protective vapor barrier to stop water leakage.


    Swollen Doors and Windows: 

    In homes with foundation water leaks, all wooden items contain traces of water. Cabinets, windows, and doors have problems closing completely. When a foundation starts to shift, it warps the walls of the home, causing gaps around the doors, windows, and cabinets. While homeowners wait for the wood to shrink back to its original state, they miss that windows and doors are stuck due to the wall pushing against the window frame.


    Mold Issues:

    Damp and dark places are favorite breeding grounds for mold. Once mold enters your home in one place, its spores spread everywhere – bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom walls, and even furniture. Mold eats away at floorboards, wallpapers, carpets, and wall paint, damaging them to a point beyond repair. Due to mold exposure, people can experience respiratory issues like shortness of breath and a runny nose. Other effects include skin allergies and allergic reactions.


    In Conclusion

    Foundation damage is not easy to spot, and neither are its causes. Your water leakage could be due to the shifting of soil under the foundation or excessive rainfall. It needs to be addressed and repaired on time, as these issues are beyond DIY repair methods.


    If you are looking for professional foundation repair in Lancaster, PABasement Waterproofing Solutions (BWS Dry) is a waterproofing company that specializes in basement and foundation waterproofing and repair. Visit their website for a free quote now!


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