17 Reasons Why Coffee is Not Bad for You


benefits of coffee

Is coffee bad for you?  In a world wide coffee drinking culture that is moving across the globe, it’s a question many ask. However, a lot of myths and misconceptions have been made by many believe that drinking coffee doesn’t add any value or even can hurt your health. Actually, a lot of people are still convinced drinking coffee is a bad idea. However why not sit back with your favorite cuppa Joe and find out is coffee good or bad for you?

Scientists have played a major role in researching on the benefits of coffee consumption. You’ll be surprised to discover that coffee has numerous health and other general wellbeing benefits you didn’t know. Nutrition experts concur that it is healthy to consume about 3 to 5 coffee cups a day; believe it or not, it is healthy for you. To realize the full benefits associated with coffee intake, avoid adding too much sugar which isn’t good for you body. Also, coffee works best when it is taken black rather than with whole milk and cream.

2And More Coffee Health Benefits

Lower Cancer Rates

Today, cancer is the top killer disease and because of this, a lot of research has been done with an aim of identifying possible cancer cures and preventive measures. In case you didn’t know, drinking coffee is associated with reduced levels of different forms of cancers i.e. colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and liver cancer. People who consume coffee consistently on a daily basis have a lesser chance of having cancer.

Coffee Promotes a Healthy Liver

is coffee good or bad

The liver is a key body organ whose wellness can be enhanced by drinking coffee on a regular basis. Studies have suggested that coffee drinkers are at a lesser risk of having liver related diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

Coffee Lessens the Risk of Skin Cancer

skin cancer-coffee

Aside from reducing the risk of getting cancers such as liver and prostate cancer, taking your favorite cup of coffee can make you less susceptible to skin cancer and its related complications. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, women who take an average of three coffee cups per day are less likely to suffer from skin cancer.


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