How To Use A Wood Smoker


Be it late at night or a cozy, monotonous evening, anyone can easily grill food at home using a smoker grill machine. A smoker grill is a durable machine that has a temperature controller for longer, slower, and gentler cooking. From a barbecue party to watching Netflix to picnic, this grilling machine can be suitable for all. So, why not having an own grill wood smoker, and become a master of grilling at home? Details Here BBQPEOPLES.


Wood smoker maintains the tenderness of the meat. For the fuel or heat, you may use a chunk of teak coal or traditional coal. However, it is challenging to grill the meat, which can be very difficult to ace. To help you grill the meat perfectly, here are some steps and rules of how to use a wood smoker at home-


Controlling temperature:

 Since most grills do not have thermostat controls, they are not well insulated. So, one must know the surface temperature at all times. Using a center and rear side of the grill is a suitable method because it maintains temperatures easily. In this set-up, direct heat and indirect convection heat are produced. 


Light up charcoal:

Once the preparation of meat is completed, fire the charcoal smoker. Make sure that the marinated chunk of meat is cold; when you grill cold meat, it absorbs more smoke, making it more flavorful. Fifteen minutes is enough to cook the meat inside the smoker for a tender, juicy, and crispy skin of flesh. Wood can be used as well; however, it is difficult to manage the cooking procedure and needs extremely precise temperature and oxygen intake for the grilling.  


Intake and chimney baffle:

The intake and baffle chimney is available in most smoker grills. Initially, set both the baffles in a way that they are fully open. Once the smoker is heated up, the baffles can be adjusted as required. Add meat to the smoker when temperature controllers show the desired temperature. At this point, adjust intake baffles since it helps to control the flow of oxygen, and on the other hand, chimney baffle controls smoke to a certain degree. Keep the chimney baffle open and close intake baffle halfway or more, which stabilizes the temperature in 225-250 degrees F range. 


Wood chunks: 

You can add wood chunks to elevate the flavor and burn consistently, but not in the hottest part rather next to the fire. Don’t flip the protein too much. Make sure to sear each side for at least 1-2 minutes to obtain juicy, tender meat. Moreover, changing the meat sides too frequently can cause the meat to crumble, so make sure to avoid doing it. Chicken is done at 165 degrees F, but you can even increase a bit of a temperature to get the tender flavor.


Wood smoker won’t be a hard household tool to handle if you follow instructions and take necessary steps! Using smoker, you will get the best type of barbecued meat to serve I your hangouts, barbecue nights, parties and family gatherings. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your smoker today!




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