How to spend quality time in Melbourne

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The city of Melbourne is Australia’s pride. If you ever happen to visit Australia, you must make it a point to include Melbourne in your itinerary. This place is happening hub of the fast city life, home grown fashion brands, world class dining experiences and of course, coffee. A hot cup of Melbourne’s coffee at a local street shop shall make your day.

So, if you with to spend quality time in Melbourne and would like to take a taste its charm both ancient and new, here are a few places you must experience;

Take a walk down the laneways
You can start your legendary Melbourne laneway exploration right from Flinders’ Street Station and move downwards to Degraves street. These laneways are beautiful cobalt narrow alleys that are flooded with people planning to spend quality time in the city. To absorb the vibe of the place, you must make a stop at one of the local coffee shops and sip on Melbourne’s famous Black coffee. While sipping you coffee, you can appreciate the work of the famed England based Graffiti artist, Banksy.

Try Melbourne’s Flat White Coffee
Coffee is not just the morning ritual but an intricate part of the Melbournians life. Here people have evolved from sipping coffee to just stay awake or spend time waiting. Coffee is an art form. This city brews world’s top Baristas who create their own concoctions which is exclusively available only at specific places. If you want the best flavour of coffee, what better places than the St.Ali in South Melbourne, Seven Seeds in Carlton and Industry Beans in Fitzroy. As coffee is known to strike conversations, you may also find yourself talking to cute Asian girls in Melbourne.

Shop like a local
What better way to spend quality time in a city than shopping. At a local market in Melbourne, you can find everything from a fresh food produce to arts pieces to vintage clothing. One of the famous local market in Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Market. This market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. Under the historic awning of this market, you can indulge in some local Thai style dim-sums or American styled Mexican street food. As this market is closely located to some of the famous Melbourne brothels, what better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon holding hands with your newfound friend.

Be a sport
Australia’s biggest sport capital is Melbourne. You can spend a great afternoon watching your favourite players hustle on the grounds of Melbourne Cricket Ground. If you happen to visit between March-September, you can watch the Australian Football League over a mug of beer. If you are around in November, you can watch the International Cricket Matches over a cup of your favourite whiskey. If football or cricket is not your kind of sport, you can also visit the Albert Park to witness the exhilarating Australian Grand Prix. There are a lot of city tour schedules that can be included in your trip. These schedules are available with local travel agents and can be availed at great prices to ensure that you spend quality time in the beautiful city called Melbourne.



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