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Is your article complete for publication? Do you wish to submit it on a wider platform? You do not want your knowledge to be suppressed for the outer world. Completing your PHD and wanted to write articles that best suits the journals are always a dream of researchers, but how to start off with, that troublesome.

Finding the right platforms for the paper to be published is stressful and time consuming.  See, every journal has its own criteria that need to be followed before publication however you set a specific publisher in mind before writing.

Table of Contents

Things to remember before submitting. 1

Finding suitable journals for your articles. 1

Some tips to consider before choosing a journal 2

Steps to get your articles published. 2

·    Chose your journal first 2

·    Construct a research article and conclude the robust conclusion. 2

·    Try avoiding submitting at every journal 3

·    Now is the time to submit and proofread. 3

·    After submission screening process begin. 3

·    Reasons for the rejection after peer review.. 4

·    Follow the submitted paper and accepted one. 4

Conclusion. 4

Things to remember before submitting

If you decided to publish a journal whether from a chapter of a thesis report and turn it into a journal article or treat it as a new article totally transform from a separate piece of research.

The second of all is to ponder some aspects of what topic or story to be delivered. As many editors and reviewers note innovative content that is original in sense that believe to be robust in data injecting.

Obviously, you are writing for a larger audience that comprise of local and international reader. So, research based on those readers’ criteria is more preferable for your research to be successful.

Finding suitable journals for your articles

Well there are many journals you can publish your article from but some can be more popular or most preferable and some do not meet the criteria of article abstract or objectives. To avoid failures or time consuming methods for submission you may considers two websites.

Some tips to consider before choosing a journal

  • Study the aims and objective of the journal
  • Ponder steps or guide of authors
  • Note what type of article are accepted
  • Most important aspect, impact factor to observe
  • Remember to publish your article at only one journal at a time

Let’s get started with how this process of submission will begin from. The thesis writing service has gathered steps of the well-established researchers, to give you tips to get started with your first publication process.

Steps to get your articles published   

Finding a journals that best suits you, first begin with analyzing a specific journal. As every journal has different referencing guidelines, formatting style and criteria to be meet for publication.

·      Chose your journal first

As you begin writing your aim is to first choose a journal. This is because you need to write according to the journals point of view. As it is the last resort for your publication. Whatever the topic you choose if your aim is to publish then search for that particular journal other relevant and relatable one’s that suits your topic. You can consider checking out references section for more sources to identify and if those come from one or more journals that is the good choice you place your hand with.

·      Construct a research article and conclude the robust conclusion

The first step is done now what to do now? Construct a research now. Note down all the guidelines you have researched for the specific journal you must follow.

Note what kind of length it will fall. Will it be full length or maximum and minimum length. The conclusion should be spot on as it should show a clear research tactics in it. Write a splendid draft that captures all the innovative studies you have gathered from.  Most importantly, it should set according to the authors guidelines.

·      Try avoiding submitting at every journal

It has been seen many beginners for the sake of submitting do send their articles at every journal platforms. You might loss the chance of publication if you do so. So, best thing is do your research do not follow the selfish mind of yours. No website wants your research article to be under consideration with any other platforms. Remember to follow all the guidelines and formatting system or why not try article publication writing help for proof reading and checking the criterion it followed.

·      Now is the time to submit and proofread   

 The time has come where your all the work is done proofread by you or any other relevant individual such as professors. Then, the process of submission begins. Some of the journals require online submissions such as electronic system. Others require submitting hard copy through the post or some prefer formatted document or both. It is up to them which ever they tend to choose.

Some also have email section where the researcher needs to send your document to the editorial board the answer would be received after 7 to 8 days period.

·      After submission screening process begin

After the submission is done, the document will be transfer to the editor position if this initial stage is completed then next step is proofreading by the experts. If this is not passed through the submission process after proofreading, what is suitable journal it carries will be transferred to that platform.  

If this is been done properly without any distortion then congratulations! If not do not get disappointed just better luck next time.

·      Reasons for the rejection after peer review

Sometime the reason for the rejection falls due to the lack of context. Means the problem of the research is not clearly identified. You need to be clarified and construct a research according to the related scholarly articles landscape.

·      Follow the submitted paper and accepted one  

After submission people tend to be curious in what is been done does is going to the trial and error process or not. You can track your submission paper through the system method you submitted to.

Your submission is accepted you can go through it with a reference number that gives you full information about what publication status followed.


Congratulation your submission is successfully done and accepted. If you want to be successful like any other person why not try to use these tips.



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