How to Create Memories with Flowers while Traveling?


Everyone has one common habit of making some excellent memories. In any case, whether you are having dinner with your family or catching a particular moment of your beloved or going for the holiday to refresh your mood or for motivation, capturing the special moments is something which makes your heartbeat stop for a second. Now you would be wondering from where flowers indulge in this scenario? Possibly it is just me, or maybe it is true that anywhere I visit the first thing that I see is flowers.

Take, for instance, right now. Sitting near my window, I can look outside and spot a flower, a person selling a variety of red, yellow, and pink flowers and marigolds. In a place where I reside, there are temples in every lane and blossom stall and markets where you find lovely elderly people selling flowers. Not just that, they wear those colors in their hair in the form of a ‘gajra’ or an attractive manner. I find it a sweet moment to capture. After all, it is all about the little things in life, which are significant.

Have you ever noticed how people bring back home flowers from temples and keep them aside? They are there for the blessings from the Almighty. But don’t you think it is also a way of capturing memories? Well, I feel so.

A recent trip on a hill station helped me to discover buying the best floral gift for my love. As I was near to my destination, I saw wildflowers growing from the sides of the mountains. As our car was heading through the twisty road through the hilly area, the breath-taking view of the mountain valley was something which could not be avoided. I could not hold myself and halted the car to capture some of those marvelous views in my little camera. I guess now everyone does that.

If you Want to See the Real Beauty of the Flower, then Go Offbeat!

Me being a great enthusiast of flowers, while turning my phone around and attempting to take a photo of purplish and blue wildflowers growing amongst the rugged reddish-brown area of the hill, realized that these wildflowers could be the fantastic gift for my wife. Then, I just arranged them in a presentable form for her. She was very amused to have those flowers. The wildflowers were growing in abundance in the upper parts of the mountains, making them look like a carpet of scenic wonder. The whole scenery urged me to want to capture picturesque excellence even more.

One unique thing about the blue roses is that they are only grown in vegetation in the rocky mountains and directly depend on elevational changes — the flower is also influenced by the temperature and availability of moisture. Different plants and herbs have significant characterize zone.

The restaurant where we stayed at gave us a relaxing feeling and really fulfilled our desire to eat a tasty meal. This made our trip all the more worth to enjoy. With the expectations that we had gone to the restaurant was much of an underestimate, that what we think. The entrance was like a hut house, giving a general feel. A blue and white color restaurant cum resort with a beautiful item to eat is all that we need to get a vacation go right. Catching these memories through our phones and cameras would not have been merely possible, but with some laughter and hot coffee cups in our hands helped to capture the views of flowers and landscape around, yes, we were able to take some of the perfect memories.

Guess what made that place to have such our absolute attention. That restaurant had the flower pot and flower basket hanging to the wall, which added decoration to the whites and the blues wall that made our heart to remember that. We live in an area where the pollution level is high. A trip to the hill makes us find the beautiful flower and petals and unique design leaf in a subtle pattern. My wife still keeps those flowers and leaves in the pages of her diary.

This is her particular way to have to keep the memories. If you want to make such wonderful and memorable memories, you can order flowers online from Winni. A flower is the best way to create beautiful memories that will everybody agree. I really thank hilly culture for such a great trip for me. It was a glorious and memorable experience, and I will certainly suggest visiting such a place where the mother nature welcomes you!



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