How to choose the perfect headband for a bow


Bows have been a classic and timeless hairstyle for women for many years. Bows can be designed for work, dance, or the gym, from chic and romantic to casual and flirty. Headbands and bows make the perfect match because it oozes femininity and charm and you can rock it up or down the way you want. Not only does it look great, it’s easy and glamorous. Combined with the perfect headband, and you have the ability to never get bored with your hairstyle again, even when wearing it in a bun.


How to style the perfect bun


The first step in selecting the perfect headband for your bow is to decide what style of bow you are going to wear. Since the bun is such a versatile hairstyle, you can wear it messy and carefree, or elegant and formal. If you are looking for a messy and casual style, be sure to ruffle your hair and pull out some pieces from your bun to make it look more natural. It looks best when it looks like it just woke up. Also, wrapping a few longer pieces of hair around the base of your ponytail will make it look completely natural.


If you wear a bun for a formal hairstyle, hair donuts are in style to create that perfect hairstyle. They keep the flight under control and are great for date night, girls night out or going to town. For these buns, make sure everything is combed back to create a sophisticated and sexy bun. You could even braid your ponytail and wrap it around your bun, creating a chic bun.

Blows up

For those days when you can’t be bothered to comb your hair, the bun + headband combo provides an easy solution. This hairstyle can’t take you more than 10 minutes and you’re out the door. It is ideal for running errands, meeting clients for lunch, meetings at work or evening appointments. Plus, you never have to worry if your hair stays in place because while these headbands look gorgeous in their bun, they also hold it in place. If you are in the uncomfortable stage of growing your bangs, headbands with a bow are perfect for keeping uncomfortable hairs from falling onto your face.


When selecting a headband, think about when you will go. Obviously, you will probably wear a different style of head band for the gym than for going out at night with your girls. Just because your hair is in a bun doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Opt for thinner, brighter headbands or with sequin or jewel lining.


Knocks down


The best way to wear headbands with a bow and your bangs down is to place it with the bangs along with the rest of your hair. Unless you’re going for a hippie-style headband, you want to push it in a little more so you can style your bangs like you normally do. The options for this type of headbands are endless. You could even do something a little thicker to really draw attention to your bun, or put your longer bangs behind your ear and put the headband on top.


Casual Bun Headbands


Casual headbands are the maximum comfort for your hair. It takes very little time to get up your hair, put on a headband and you’re done! Casual bun headbands are cute and casual, making it perfect for everyday wear. Fabric and cotton headbands look great with this look, but you can also rock it and wear a sparkly and sparkly headband to add that extra touch of feminine glamor. Casual buns look best when it doesn’t take forever to put them together; the idea is that you want it to look totally natural and effortless. You can even run your fingers through your hair and mess it up a bit. Don’t be afraid it doesn’t look perfect.


Formal Bun Headbands


Formal muffins are very popular with many celebrities who walk the red carpet. If you need to look glamorous for a certain event, wearing a bow is often not the first hairstyle you come up with. Adding a headband to this classic look can really make it appropriate for any occasion, even formal. These updates are also great for prom or graduation, dates or charity events. Be sure to opt for smaller, brighter headbands. It should add to your hairstyle, not be overwhelming. You want your face to be the main focus.



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