How childhood education impacts the development of society?


    Early childhood education plays a crucial role in the holistic development of children and is recognized as a fundamental aspect of learning in international schools in Kochi like GPS. It goes beyond teaching basic skills such as the alphabets and numbers, focusing on the development of social and emotional skills that help children form strong bonds with teachers, peers, and family members. Children who receive a good education at an early age show more interest in learning new subjects and concepts and become more confident in communicating with different groups of people. Early childhood education is a platform on which their education continues throughout their lives and fosters their interests and passions, providing fulfilling activities to engage in. 


           Teachers of childhood education use children’s natural curiosities to develop lesson plans that engage and interest them, enhancing their critical thinking abilities and generating more curiosity, leading to more effective learning. As more people recognize the importance of childhood education, it will play an important role in the formation of a desirable society and is an essential tool for bringing peace, prosperity, sustainability in development, and intercultural dialogue, not just in Kochi but worldwide.



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