Here’s how to write a research articles


Research article – precisely the words freeze down student rumors everywhere. If you are a student, research articles are a reality in life and something you write until your graduation day. There are some things you can do and guidelines to follow that make writing a research article a little less painful.

Every good research article begins with a good topic or idea. If possible, choose something that interests you. Writing about something you enjoy can make all the difference. Also consider the amount of information available on the topic. A topic can be too broad or too narrow – you want a topic that you can cover in full, but not something so specific that you can’t find information from different sources.

You can do a quick search of books, encyclopedias, magazines, the internet and magazines to get an idea of ​​how much information you can reveal about your topic. If sources become scarce, librarians can often help; benefit from their knowledge.


Sketching is a great idea for anyone’s best research paper writing service – it will help you brainstorm ideas and keep them organized so your paper flows well.

You can develop contours based on chronological events, conditions and cause-effect, logic for a position or the process of performing something. Most word processors have a contour feature that makes it easy to create and edit a contour. Or check an MLA (Modern Language Association) manual for the recommended format.

Writing your paper

Research articles have various parts including a title page, abstract, body, conclusion and reference page. Each part has a specific purpose. This article is based on guidelines for MLA documentation. Before beginning any research paper, make sure you know what style to use and any other preferences the instructor may have.


The purpose of your title page or heading is to state the name of your paper and include other important information such as your name, instructor name, class name and date. Unless otherwise indicated, the heading should appear at the top of the first page of your paper on the left. The title of your paper should be centered – activate the first and all main words, but do not underline or bold your title.


The purpose of the abstract is to provide an overview of the paper. The abstract should contain the main thoughts and ideas in the paper but not be longer than a few paragraphs.


The main purpose of the introduction is to introduce research article. This section should be captivating and encourage readers’ curiosity. The introduction can range from a few paragraphs for a short research article (3-5 pages) to a number of pages or even a chapter for a senior project or thesis.



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