Hemp Protein Benefits: 15 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder

benefits of hemp protein

Hemp protein benefits are widely talked about in health and holistic circles.  If you have heard of hemp powder but have no idea what it is, take a few minutes to read our hemp protein review and discover the amazing benefits coming from using this powder. The first common questions is, what is hemp powder made from? Hemp protein powder comes from the nutrient rich seeds of the hemp plant which is an excellent source of protein that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family (yes, THAT cannabis….).

Hemp protein has all the essential acids that your body requires in order to function properly. To get this powder, the seeds of Cannabis sativa are milled; however, don’t worry about getting “high” because the genus of hemp has been certified not to have THC which is an active ingredient found in the street drug marijuana.

1Hemp Protein Nutrition Facts: What’s In Hemp Protein?

Hemp protein powder benefits are really quite diverse because, as an top rated protein source, hemp contains a wide variety of natural organic proteins together with all the 20 amino acids required by the body 8 of them which are essential amino acids.

Hemp is a diverse crop that can be utilized for both food and nonfood purposes. The hemp seed which is the raw material for hemp protein contains 35% protein, 45% oil and 10% of carbohydrates. Aside from numerous nutritional and health benefits associated with hemp seed, it is also environmentally friendly.

Hemp can be grown without the use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides paving way for the production of organic hemp protein which is nutrient rich. In addition, this plant also efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide. It’s worth noting that hemp protein doesn’t taste so good so it’s recommended that you taste it before you decide to purchase.  Or, just realize it’s not going to be truly “tasty” but the benefits are worth it!

Uses of Hemp Protein Powder & Hemp Protein Benefits

hemp protein benefits

Hemp seeds have a lot of uses and they can be used in the manufacturing of several health food products as well. Alternatively, you can simply cook the seeds and eat them whole. Some of the processed products obtained from these seeds include soy milk as well as edible oil which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids obtained from hemp seeds using cold-press techniques. The cake that is obtained from this process is milled and ground into hemp protein powder.

Hemp Protein Benefits – Why Hemp Protein is Good for Our Bodies

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There are many hemp protein benefits! The proteins found in hemp are the same as the proteins found in the human body. This similarity is critical because hemp supplies the correct amino acids in the right portions to assist our bodies in manufacturing the proteins they need. Hemp protein contains both albumin and edestin which are both globulins.

These two are the most common types of proteins our bodies have and fortunately, hemp has both of them in a higher quantity compared to any other plant-based protein source. Hemp is also a major source of the amino acids histidine and arginine which play a major role in growth. Hemp protein is also a good source of branch-chained amino acids whose role is to facilitate repair and growth of lean body tissue.



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