Hematological Lab Equipment


Haematology is a branch of medicine which deal with the study of:

·        Causes

·        Diagnosis

·        Treatment

·        Prevention

Of all the diseases that involve blood.

Treating all the diseases that affect the amount of blood in our body come under the heading of haematology. Haematology also deals with the components of blood such as:

·        Blood cells

·        Hemoglobin

·        Blood proteins

·        Bone marrow

·        Platelets

·        Blood vessels

·        Spleen

·        Coagulation

To see if the blood and its components are in normal ranges in the body haematological tests are carried out in the blood laboratories.

Haematological tests

Haematological tests are the type of tests that are carried out to measure the ranges of blood and its components in the body. This helps to monitor and diagnose any problems that an individual might be facing because of the increase or decrease in the level of blood in the body. Haematological tests can help to diagnose the following blood-related problems:

·        Anemia

·        Infections, if any

·        Hemophilia

·        Blood clot disorder

·        Leukemia


A complete haematological test includes the values of the following:

·        White blood cells count

·        Platelet count

·        Red blood cells count

·        Hemoglobin level

·        Hematocrit


Hematological Lab Equipment

A haematological lab is the kind of lab which carries out the blood work. The lab is equipped with high-quality machines that help to provide with results of your blood work with high excellence.

The equipment required for a haematological laboratory can be found in several shops but it is always best to do your research before buying them. You may even buy the equipment from those used lab equipment. These are not only well kept but you can get them at reasonable prices as well as the equipment’s can be very expensive.  

Following is a list of all the equipment’s that you may require at a haematological laboratory:

·        Weighing equipment

·       Automatic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

·        Centrifuge

·        Hematology analyzers

·        Hot air oven

·        Microscope

·        Water bath

Equipment for weighing

Equipment’s that are used for weighing are the most important equipment that should be available in the laboratory as these are used to measure and weigh substances to prepare the required reagents.

Three types of weighing equipment are present in a haematological laboratory:

1.     Electronic balance

2.     Analytical balance

3.    Direct Read-Out Top-Loading Balance

Because of the advances being introduced in the field of electronics, the electronic weighing balance has been manufactured. It is considered to be the most sensitive type of weighing scale. It works by measuring the weight of a particular substance using electromagnetic force. It is sustained by an electronic coil which is hanging in an electromagnetic field. This type of weighing scale is expensive however, it is known for its speed and accuracy over the other measuring scales.

An analytical balance is the type of a weighing scale which consists of two balancing pans. It is extremely simple to operate. Analytical balances are used very less these days due to the advent of electronic weighing scales.

Direct Read-Out Top-Loading Balance has two versions of weighing scales. One of them is electric and the other one is electronic. Electronic balance is cheaper as compared to the electronic one. However, both are known for their quickness and easy usage. When the substance is placed on the plate, the weight is visible on the mini screen on the weighing scale.

Automatic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Equipment

Another equipment that should be available in the haematological lab is the automatic erythrocyte sedimentation rate equipment. The equipment is known for its efficiency and excellent performances. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate equipment is very practical, fast and very convenient. It measures the substances by millimetres per hour. It scans the positions of the red blood cells and shows the result on the microcomputer attached with it.


A piece of equipment which is used to precipitate small molecules for instance cells. These molecules are kept in a fluid. It is known to exert a force called the centrifugal force that helps to precipitate the molecules. There are two types of centrifuges:

·        Swing-out rotor

·        Fixed angle rotor

Haematology analyzers

A machine which is used to test and examine blood test samples is called haematology analyzer. These analyzers are used in the field of medicine to count the number of white blood cells, blood count, coagulation test etc.

Hot Air Oven

This type of equipment is used for a process called dry sterilization. It is used to dry laboratory materials etc. for later use.


Incubators are the type of machines that are used for growing bacterial using different media. It is very important that you clean these incubators before using them again.


 A microscope is used in the lab to examine smaller molecules as it helps to enlarge them to provide a clear and magnified image. It is advised to clean the lens before every use to obtain a clean image.



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