Going for a Date? Try These 7 Outfits


Have you been asked out for a date? If so, you should start planning to avoid looking under-dressed or over-dressed for the occasion. Planning the right outfit for the date can be a difficult task; it is often more nerve-racking that the date itself. You end up taking out everything from the closet and spending hours before the mirror trying to see which outfit makes you look chic and attractive.

Hot Topic discount codes will make your task easier because with these you can shop at the store to get the trendiest clothes of the season at fabulous discounted prices. Their apparel caters to teenagers and young adults primarily and you can find all the latest fashion wear under one roof. Here are some outfit ideas that you can try out for a date:

  1. You can never go wrong when you sport a casual t-shirt with leather pants on a date; the leather touch makes the outfit both trendy to look at and super comfortable at the same time. Black denims with a lace top give a classic and timeless appeal. A partially-sheer top will flaunt your curves without showing much skin while the figure-hugging jeans are sure to turn heads.
  2. For the women, of course, there is the classic dress that is difficult to beat. Instead of the hottest fashion trends you can actually choose to wear something that has a superb fit and you can flaunt your best features in it. You can always pull off such an outfit with embellished flats or stylish heels, chunky necklaces and statement danglers, and even carry an appropriate layer in case it is windy outside. Such an outfit would demand a minimalist makeup.
  3. You could choose a flowing maxi floral or patterned dress and then wear statement jewelry or a few delicate pieces of jewelry to complement the attire. The idea is to wear your personality especially when you are going on a first date, and make sure the outfit is comfortable but not very informal at the same time.
  4. For those going on a coffee date, it is best to opt for something that is airy, breathable and does not look over-the-top. So, you could go for side-striped pants or joggers and tuck in a crisp white shirt, and put on a smart pair of Converse shoes. For women, a denim mini-dress will look perfect and you can pair it with sneakers.
  5. When it is a blind date, you are likely to feel the adrenaline rush, and expectations are justifiably very high. While you would definitely want to impress your date, you should also view this as an opportunity to wear something nice and flaunt yourself. So, a little black dress may work just fine if it is elegant-looking and fits you well. You may carry a layer to cover yourself up if it gets cold.
  6. Outdoor casual dates demand relaxed outfits but these should not look sloppy. Even if you will be doing some sporting activity the outfit must look respectable and not outdated. It is best to avoid sweat pants and regular blue jeans; you could instead opt for indigo or dark-wash jeans and pair it with a dress shirt, a sports jacket, or a short-sleeved shirt.
  7. When you are going out for a dinner date you must wear a jacket. For occasions that do not require you to come dressed in a suit, you can choose a blazer jacket during the day. A sports jacket is a good choice for the more informal occasions. For the women, a retro jumpsuit may work just fine for a dinner date. This one can be comfortable and you can wear a bright shade of lipstick to complement the attire. Denim dresses are also a big hit with women for dinner dates as these give a causal look. You can choose to wear a chic plain shirt on top to complete the look.

These are some of the cool date outfit ideas to choose from. So, without wasting any more time, start planning your date outfit and get the latest coupons from Don’tPayAll.



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