Get the Successful IVF Treatment in Best Hospitals of India at an Affordable Cost

IVF Treatment


Anyone suffering from a significant medical issue thinks twice before visiting a medical consultant, it is because of the high cost of treatment. The stress in the couples suffering from sterility issues keeps on increasing, but in spite of knowing that IVF can help them in getting over infertility, they do not opt for the treatment.

It is not feasible for all to afford the high cost of treatment. Well, you do not need to live with such stress now and can experience the precious joy of being a parent with Low-Cost IVF Treatment in India.

 The availability of successful treatment in the country at a nominal cost has now turned into a hope for millions of childless couples living in different parts of the world.

What is the difference in the cost of IVF treatment in India and Other Countries?

The Total Cost of IVF Treatment in India is USD 6,000 for the patients below the age of 35 years. However, the cost of treatment increases for patients who are above the age of 40 years.

It is because the age considerably affects the reproductive system of the male and the female; especially females.

So, if you talk about IVF treatment price for the patients above the age of 40 years, it can go as high as 87,350 dollars. However, the cost can be lower depending on the cause of infertility and the treatment procedure required.

Now, check the difference in the cost of treatment in India and other countries.

The cost of the treatment for patients below the age of 35 years starts at 35,000 dollars, and it can go as high as USD 1,00,000. Now, talking about the price of the patients about the age of 35 years; it can be as high as 1,250,000.

The scenario is similar in the UK. The price for patients below the age of 35 years is USD 25,500, and for people above 35 years starts at 937,500 US dollars.

You can experience higher prices in other countries also, that provides the successful treatment for IVF. The cost of treatment in China starts at 8,500 for patients below 35 years of age and for overage patients, it can go as high as 4,00,000 US dollars.

Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and all other countries have the costing of IVF treatment minimum four to five times higher in comparison to India.

Final Words:

The patients suffering from the failure of the first cycle of IVF in India can at least plan to take up with another cycle, but it cannot be true for all in other countries. It is difficult to spend such a huge amount for several cycles. So, visit India today and fill your life with happiness by solving your infertility issues.

The top doctors, best hospitals and top-notch medical companies are always there to help you in the country.


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