For sending gifts on Christmas use Luxury Apparel Boxes


Luxury apparel boxes are used by all major designer brands to package and present their designer items. These boxes are used to impress the customer. The customer goes to these brands to buy clothing which reflects quality, wealth and luxury. These boxes serve to provide those expectations in the packaging as well. The customer feels valued and is convinced of the high standards of that particular brand. These boxes are widely given out and used as a beautiful and attractive gift packaging for Christmas. The special design, the aesthetic appeal, and the luxurious feel are perfect qualities for any present. They will make the receiver feel special and appreciated, which helps spread love and joy. And that is what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is nearly here. Santa is readying his sled, and he is putting the final touches to all the beautiful gifts he will be giving out this year. The Christmas tree is on its way to your living room, full of attractive ornaments and beautiful decorations. There is the preparation of a hearty and excellent feat on the Christmas Eve. Snowmen in the yard, a fire in the hearth, choirs singing carols, mistletoe from the roof, and candy on the kitchen counter. What else is left to complete this perfect Christmas? Gifts. That is what’s left. There can never be a good Christmas without presents, right? The whole season is a way to express our love and appreciation for our loved ones. And exchanging presents is the best way to do it. And this Christmas, you can make that experience even more special.

Use luxury apparel boxes to package your gift items, and presents them to those who are special to you. These boxes are one of the best examples of attractive gift packaging, and will perfectly capture the feelings of the person giving the gift.

Why do I need a Good Box?

That is not even a question. Apparel gift boxes will help you to present your gift in the best possible manner. Remember why you are presenting that person with a gift. You want them to feel valued, and to express their significance to you. To do that, you will need to present the package in the best possible way. And the packaging is the first thing that they will notice. If you use a regular, ordinary box, it will not create an impression. It might even lower the worth of the gift item. But, if you use a beautifully created and luxury box, it will increase the value and worth of not just the item in the box, but the overall gesture as well.

Ideas for using Apparel boxes as Packaging

Now that you know how important the box is, it is time to look at how you can make it even more special. You need to make some effort in the box and make it as presentable as possible. To help you do that, we have made a list of some custom luxury boxes that will serve as the perfect wrapping for your presents.

  • Gold foil boxes: these boxes are used by apparel companies to make their product stand out, and reflect the worth of the product. Gold is a precious item, and gold foil boxes will help you to make that same impression. They are shiny and have a layer of quality gold-colored foil over a simple box. But the effect of this packaging is quite magical. You can find platinum, silver, bronze, and any other metallic foil. They will make a similar impression. 
  • Textured boxes: these boxes are used to package and present small items. They are covered with special paper, which creates an amazing effect. Not only do they appeal to the eyes, but they also make your sense of touch experience the pleasure. You can use a wide range of textures to make your gift stand out. You can go for the smooth tree bark, glossy foil, abrasions, embossed and debossed designs, or the loopy, fuzzy textures. There is a lot to choose from. Just make sure that the textures and colors are Christmas themed, to make them feel special.
  • Custom designed boxes: to go a step further, you can have your boxes designed by a supplier. You can have it designed in a specific shape, size, and color. The advantage of using custom apparel boxes is that they help signify your presence on the gift. The receiver will immediately identify that the gift is from you. You can add in designs that capture the spirit of Christmas or have a custom text printed all over the box. The options are endless.
  • Fur lined boxes: the most iconic luxury item? Fur. You can find these boxes on the market. In case you can’t, you can contact any luxury apparel company, and they will be able to supply you with one of these. They will create an impact like no other. Fur lined boxes are a great idea for the Christmas box.
  • Magnetic boxes: these boxes are not widely available, so they will make your gift feel special. Magnetic boxes are not only useful for later use, but they will save you the trouble of wrapping the gift. You can just take a well-designed box, print Christmas-y themes on it, but the present in the box, and seal it with a beautiful ribbon or bow.
  • Drawer box: these boxes are used to package long dresses and scarves. They prevent the dresses from getting crumpled. Used as Christmas packaging, you can use them to present clothes as well. It is a unique design and will help your presents to stand out.


These are some ideas for using custom luxury boxes for gifting items on Christmas. You can easily get these apparel boxes on wholesale rates from online suppliers. 

Use these specially designed and themed boxes to make your special ones feel appreciated and loved this Christmas.



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