Finding St. Jane


The innocent side of the cannabis industry


A tall glass of water now sits at the left-hand side of the desk. It has replaced her morning cup of coffee. An empty plate with what was left of her sandwich lay close. Casey has been busily typing away and reading up on what she thinks may be the perfect name for her company. 


CBD, the non-psychoactive darling of the cannabis industry, inspired her to play around with the name, Mary Jane. But to reimagine what it is commonly associated with, she tried searching the word, saint, with the name Mary Jane. Nothing really stood out to Casey until she came across one person in particular. She had found her while scrolling through search results. It was someone who encompassed everything she wanted her brand to represent. She was Saint Jane, the Patron Saint of Healing. 


Casey scribbles a few notes into her notebook and navigates through her computer tabs to save the information she’d found. Her fingers move quickly with purpose, and her mind is focused on one thing — getting to know Saint Jane.


Jane Frances de Chantal was born on January 28, 1572, in Dijon, Burgundy, France. She was 21 when she married Baron de Chantal, and only 28 when she became a widow. While raising her four children, Jane went against all social norms at the time. She took over and managed her late husband’s estates and properties.


Turning the page in her notebook, Casey continues to jot down her notes on Jane. “She’s exactly what I’ve been looking for,” She thinks. Scrolling down the page, Casey continues to read more about the fascinating woman. 


Jane is known for her dedication and great compassion when it came to helping others. It was her mission to care for those who could not care for themselves. She looked after the sick, elderly and unwed mothers. She had dedicated her life to helping and healing others, especially women. After years of devotion, she was recognized for her efforts and achievements and anointed into sainthood.


“Saint Jane.” Casey whispers to herself. “She’s perfect.”  


Casey hovers her cursor over the page and saves the information. She clicks on her browser again and opens up the next link on the results page. In a few minutes, the battery in the lower right-hand corner of her screen flashes red. She reaches her hand out to grab the charger and plugs it into the side of her laptop. Re-adjusting her screen, she continues to scroll. 


It wasn’t just that Saint Jane had accomplished so much in her lifetime or that she was such a compassionate woman. It was also that she was a strong, independent, and well-educated woman. She is inspirational, and her life’s story empowers other women to be the same. On top of that, she was also a healer. All of these characteristics are what Casey wants her brand to represent. 


In her beauty collection, Casey has highly-effective, 100 percent clean products. Botanicals are carefully selected to enhance the calming and soothing benefits of CBD. She believes in CBD and sees a strong connection between her company and Saint Jane’s passion for healing. Her company’s mission is to provide quality products. Products that can incorporate CBD’s powerful healing properties into peoples’ skincare regimens.


Casey sits back in her chair and looks at her laptop screen. It took a while to get here, but she finally found what she was looking for. 


“Saint Jane,” she says aloud with a smile. “We craft products with curated botanicals and high-quality cannabidiol to help restore the skin. We empower women to be their most beautiful, confident selves.”




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