Finding St. Jane


Title:  Finding Saint Jane


Casey stands and watches as the dark drops fall into her white mug. The strong aroma fills the kitchen and makes its way into the other rooms. It is a peaceful morning. Her three girls have left for school already, and she is just finishing up her morning routine. 


She can hear the leaves rustling outside her kitchen window. Her hip leans up against the counter as she looks out. She holds her left arm across her chest and her right hand in front of her as it grips the handle of the mug. Carefully moving the steaming cup toward her mouth, Casey takes in a deep breath, blows over the top, and indulges in the first sip. Her eyes close and she lets out a sigh. It’s the perfect way to start a morning.


Today is going to be another busy day she thinks to herself. Casey has been going back and forth with her team about the right name for her company. Ideas have been thrown, but nothing has really stuck for her. She takes another sip from her mug and then gets comfortable on the bar stool. With her left hand, she reaches around the back of her head to sweep her blonde hair over her left shoulder. It rests there as she gets lost in her own thoughts. 


“A luxurious, clean beauty collection,” she thinks to herself. “A name that represents our result-driven products and high-quality cannabidiol.”


She sets her mug down and massages her temples in a circular motion. At times, coming up with a name seems to be just as difficult as creating a beauty collection. So far, she’d played with the name Mary Jane, a common euphemism for marijuana. But, that name is mostly associated with the natural compound, THC, and her products will not have the psychoactive compound known to produce a “high”. Instead, her collection of beauty products will have CBD, the compound without the euphoric effects.


“I want to work with the name, Mary Jane,” she thinks. “But something that will play with the innocent side of the cannabis industry…” 


Casey stands up, pushing her chair back in the process. She picks up her mug and brings it with her as she makes her way over to her home office. Stepping through the open door, she goes toward her desk and places her mug to the right of the mouse. She pulls the chair out from under the desk and takes a seat. It only takes a minute for her laptop to start up, before she puts her hand over the mouse and gets to work. 


She looks at her notes to see what she has to work with so far. She decides to focus on Mary Jane. Maybe to play with the idea of the good and innocent side, she could try switching out one part of the name for something else. She opens up her browser and her fingers begin racing across the keyboard.