Fluxusiptv is a Kodi addon which allows the users to stream live TV or satellite channels. It is basically a third-party service from an unofficial repository which is called ‘No One’. it also offers channels from various countries and the users can watch live TV in multiple languages as well.


The best part about it is that it is very easy to use and covers all the basic features. In short, it has everything that the users might need to watch their favourite channels. 

So now, if you wonder how to easily download and install this Kodi add-on, then as you scroll down, you will find out all the details about it. So keep reading to find out all the information.


How to download fluxusiptv addon on Kodi?


As most of you might know, the installation method of the third-party addons is not really easy and straightforward and it involves a lot of additional or extra steps. So below we have provided a detailed and easy to follow step-by-step guide of how you can do or perform each steps to easily download & install it-


  1. Allow or Unblock the unknown sources- So firstly the steps to bypass the restrictions are-


  1. Firstly, go to the ‘settings’ menu of Kodi from the home or launch window.


  1. Then, open the ‘system’ menu on the same window.


  1. Then, check and ensure that the option of ‘add-ons’ is selected on the left. Here, also enable the ‘unknown sources’ button which is available on the other part of the window.


  1. Now, you must choose ‘Yes’ to confirm all your actions till now.


  1. And while here, also click on the option of ‘update official add-ons from’. Though this is not mandatory to do, it is recommended.


  1. Now, click on ‘any repositories’ to finally ensure that the installed addons of Kodi are automatically updated from the available repository.  (Now we will move to the next step which involves installing the repository).


  1. To download the no one repository- So as the addon of fluxusiptv is only available through the No one Repository, the first thing we will do now is to get the repository to proceed further. So the instructions to get it are as follows-


  1. Again go to the ‘settings’ menu from the Kodi’s home window.


  1. Click ‘file manager’ and then on the next window, click on ‘add source’. 


  1. Then, on the following pop-up window, click on ‘None’.


  1. Now, we will be adding the source of the ‘no one repository’. (You might have to double click here to avoid any issues during installation).


  1. Now, name the source that you have added in the previous step to easily identify it later and click ‘OK’ then.


  1. Press the back button now which will take you to the settings menu. Here click on ‘add ons’.


  1. Open this item and choose install from the zip file. Here click on ‘OK’ to dismiss the warning.


  1. Now, you must see the name of the source that you chose earlier, ‘No one’. Just click on it.


  1. Now, click on the zip file link which will be displayed on your screen and hence, the ‘No one’ repository installation will be completed now.


  1. Install the addon of Fluxus IPTV from this repository- Now, the instructions of the final step to install it are-


  1. Go to settings>add-ons and click ‘Install from repository’.


  1. Open ‘No one repository’ from the list and click on ‘video add-ons on the next.


  1. Now, from the list, click on the fluxusiptv addon and then  click on ‘install’.


  1. And finally the Kodi addon installation will now be completed.




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