Endoscopy accessories for different purposes

Endoscopy accessories

Doctors require endoscopy equipments and accessories to perform endoscopy. Endoscopy is a procedure to detect the abnormalities within the body. Some of the problems cannot be examined merely by physical examination. So, the doctors perform endoscopy to different parts of the body to detect the problems. Sometimes, they also remove substances such as stones from the organs. To perform endoscopy, they use different medical equipments.

Endoscopy accessories and equipments

Some of the medical equipments used by the doctors are body removal net, stone extraction balloons, guide wire,  bougie dilator, disposable bite blocks, foreign body forceps, inflation devices, and hemoclips. The balloon catheter is used for dilating the sphincter muscles and for removing the stones from the biliary system. They are available in various sizes and are available with the injection port and they are located below the balloon. Along with the balloon catheter many other additional balloons are available of various sizes. These balloons have larger diameters for different dilated ducts. Such balloons are also durable because they contain latex balloon material. The catheter is used for positioning the catheter for endoscopic treatment for the pancreatic ducts.

Uses of endoscopy accessories and equipments

The endoscopic stent is used for visualizing the fluoroscopy and is used for accurately positioning. It is used for structuring the wire also. The bougie dilator is used for esophageal stenosis. It is used for broadening the strictures of the GI tract. Such dilators contain radiopaque markers and are used for visualization of X-ray. Many other endoscopy accessories and equipments are used in the process that is used for different purposes. These accessories are not fixed to the endoscopy machine but are used separately.

The cleaning brush is used for cleaning and it contains soft and nylon bristles. It contains higher efficiency to clean as it contains thicker bristles. The endoscopy bite blockers are equipments that are used for protecting the patient and to keep the mouth of the patient open during the process. It is used with or without a strap. It also contains larger ports for easily positioning. The foreign body forceps are the grasp tissues. The grasp tissues are used to retrieve the foreign bodies and are used to remove the stents from the gastrointestinal tracts. The multi-stage balloon dilator is used for dilation of esophagus, pylorus strictures and duodenum of the GI Tract.

The biliary stent is also an important aspect of endoscopy process. It is used for the treatment of the bile duct when a person is suffering from begin and malignant tumors. These tumors can be detected by the process of endoscopy. This device is sterile and also it is used to minimize the pigtail design. This material contains two radio plaque markers and is used for fluoroscopic visualization. They are available in different sizes. The Hemoclips are used for clip placement and are used within the gastrointestinal tract for the application of haemostatic. These are user-friendly handles that are ergomically shaped. They contain rotatable clips design. They are used for endoscopic damage during the process. They are used within the haemostatic for marking the endoscope.

So several equipments are required during the process and the endoscopy accessories manufacturer produces several equipments that are essentially required during the process.


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