Dog Cancer: 10 Dog Breeds at Risk & Their Symptoms

dog cancer symptoms

While it’s not talked about that often, just like in human beings, dogs also can get forms of dog cancer.  The last thing many dog owners want to hear is their beloved pet has cancer; it’s usually devastating news. Knowing the signs and what to look for can make a difference!

digestion problems in dogsFortunately, there is hope especially if dog cancer is discovered in good time. There are some factors that are known to increase the prevalence of cancer in dogs. For instance, some dog breeds have a higher chance of getting specific types of dog cancer as compared to other breeds. Research is still ongoing to determine whether factors such as diet and lifestyle have any link with causing dog cancer.

1Dog Cancer Shares Symptoms with Other Conditions

Similarly to human beings, dog cancer can affect any part of the body and therefore, symptoms differ depending on where the cancer is. In addition, dog cancer symptoms are shared with many other dog illnesses and so, it is challenging to pinpoint a diagnosis based on the visible symptoms alone.

For instance, a dog may have a lump on the skin and it’s good idea to take your furry friend to your vet when you notice things like that. However, just because your dog has a skin lump, it doesn’t mean it has cancer since skin lumps are usually associated with different types of health issues. Tumors are also commonly associated with dog cancer but not all of them are cancerous. What and how the symptoms of cancer in dogs, especially your dog, will show up can be different from another pet.



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