Does Instagram Work for you?


Instagram may work better for some companies than for others, it has more than 800 million monthly users and continues to grow. And since it’s part of Facebook, you know there’s a lot of pressure to succeed. But does Instagram work for your business?

Instagram is a very visual social marketing platform. If you are a service provider, you can publish a number of images to help convey your brand and value proposition. However, when you can really boast if you have physical products and a good Instagram marketing strategy comprar seguidores, it will certainly help increase sales and profits.

Instagram Marketing

Like any other social network, good results come from constantly increasing your followers. The more people related to your publications and brand, the greater your potential audience for each publication.

Instagram and Instagram ads give you the opportunity to connect with people in your niche in a visual and fun way. It’s easy to use if you have a smartphone. Take a photo, upload it, and your followers will see it and interact with it.

Give a call to action

The biggest mistake of marketing specialists is to publish things online without a call to action. Set a goal for each publication and use that goal to establish your call to action, such as “register now” or “buy now.”

Use Analytics

Instagram analytics allows your business to see how well your various campaigns are working. You need to convert to a company account to access the tools. The tools help you understand how your followers relate to your content so you can get better results.


Not everyone uses Instagram, so take advantage of every post with a cross-cutting publication on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Don’t forget to also invite people to follow you on Instagram.

Do not overlap

Choose two times, day and night, and see when most of your engagement occurs. Then add publications constantly or reduce your publication if you get a smaller amount of participation.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories allow businesses to interact with their customers and prospects by creating a series of images to tell a story. Every story you create should enhance your brand and clarify your value proposition.

The important thing to remember on Instagram stories is that they are not eternal. Photos and videos stay in your feed for only 24 hours and then disappear. Instagram stories can be used to increase brand awareness, gain more subscribers and generate sales. Publish your stories at a time you know is popular with your users to take full advantage of the 24-hour cycle.

Instagram has more than 800 million active users each month, and its popularity continues to rise as smartphone cameras get better at taking high-quality photos and videos.


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