Contribution of Holistic Drug and alcohol rehab program for us drug addiction


While we were researching on the reduction of drug addiction statistic, had introduced with a phrase, called “holistic rehabs.” This phrase led us to a fantastic tour, which not only changed our view about present drug rehab centers but also gave an accurate idea about the rehabs.

 Now, How the changed view and idea helped our research? Well, this question needs to be answered comprehensively. For that, we will show two massive data about the drug and alcohol addiction in US perspective.

Then, will explain about the drug and alcohol rehab program, which has adopted by the US government, in the light of holistic approach. After that, there will be a summary answer regarding the question, for better understanding. So, without any delay, let’s start to answer the question.

National Data about US drug and alcohol addiction:

As we said, the first portion of our answer would cover two essential data. So the first data is about alcohol addiction statistic in the US:

·                           In the US, there are 15 million alcohol-addicted people and 8% among them goes to alcohol rehabs

·                           And for alcohol they spend $199 billion each year.

And the other data is about drug addiction statistic in the US, which we collected from NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health):

·                On that survey, they said that around 38% of adults are struggling with an illicit drug.

·                And 8.5 million American people have a mental illness for those illegal drugs.

·                Eventually, they pursue drug abuse, and it takes $740 billion from society per year.

Based on this data, the US government had started to apply some unique drug addiction rehabilitation program to solve the problem. And by doing that, they found a phenomenal result in the end. Later, named that as holistic treatment. Thus, our next portion will speak about that treatment program in detail.

How the holistic drug and alcohol treatment idea came?

Alright, the idea of holistic treatment has generated from a holistic approach. To define that in brief, we have given an overview of the holistic approach according to medical science.

The holistic approach, according to medical science:

The primary motto of the holistic approach is to think big. It means a doctor will consider the mental, physical, psychological health according to social factors. After reviewing those crucial elements, it becomes easier for a medical expert, to apply the proper medication. This sort of treatment is also called as patient empowerment.

And this is the basic idea of holistic treatment. If the primary concept has not cleared yet, it is ok. Because the idea is critical to understand. To remove the complexity, we have streamlined the next portions, which will show a detailed overview of that treatment procedure, and we hope, it will remove the complication. So, the proportions are:

What holistic treatment focus?                         

It focuses on some principles, which are:

·                Every people are born with tremendous healing power.

·                A patient is not a disease rather a person.

·                When a doctor and patient team up for healing, then a condition heals.

·                Meaning of treatment is a permanent solution, not contemporary.

By focusing on those principles, a doctor starts the holistic treatment. And the time of that treatment, he/she emphasizes on natural healing. So, the next section will cover this authentic healing system.

Natural Healing:

This healing procedure has six individual chapters, and they are:

Healthy diet schedule: 

For an alcohol addict, it is essential to maintain a robust food schedule for reconstructing the organ. And this chapter helps to develop a healthy diet chart

Proper exercise program: 

There are different types of an exercise program for various kind of drug and alcohol addict; for example, Ibogaine treatment covers brain exercise. So, the chapter covers some specific exercise program for a different drug addict

Surrounding environment development:

Usually, a drug addict is surrounded by other drug addicts; as a result, his/her environment revolves according to the situation. For recovering that mental situation, the victim needs a new environment. And it creates this chapter.

Self-behavior and approach development:

During the time of being high, a victim starts to demoralize. Consequently, it impacts on his/her behavior and gets used with it day by day. For developing the approach and response, this chapter covers a self-development program

Counseling program for relationship and spiritual aspects:

And this chapter starts to counsel a victim, based on religious and ethical perspective.

Improvement of biological energy.

After completing the earlier steps, the victim body starts to improve the biological energy, which lies inside him/her.

So, this is how natural healing works according to the principles. With that, we hope the idea of holistic treatment has cleared. On that note, proceeding to the next portion will be a wise decision for us. And the inevitable part will summarize the question; we set at the beginning of the article. Therefore, the answer is:

Summary answer:

Overall learning journey about the holistic drug and alcohol rehab program, had helped us to realize the drug addict reduction statistic more precisely. As well as motivated us to promote the comprehensive treatment program in every possible place.

Because the contribution of the treatment program can, develop not only a human being but also improve social stability. Even promoting this type of program can save a vast amount of money at the end of a year. And this how the amazing tour helped, in our research.


Before wrapping up the entire article, we want to leave a message for the reader. And the message is: “Drug and alcohol addiction, not only breaks a human being into parts but also hampers social development. And this problem has not solved yet, though the success rate is growing. So, we should work on improving the success rate” If it is possible, then the world can expect a better living environment. Therefore, thanks for investing the valuable time by reading this article.



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