Causes and Treatments of Tennis Elbow Pain

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a painful disease. It is a type of tendinitis and it causes swelling in the tendons that result in pain in arm and the elbow. The tendons are tough tissues that connect bone to the muscles of the lower arm.

It is important that the health issue is treated on time otherwise it can escalate and become more serious. If the condition deteriorates then it will start weakening the grip and make it hard to lift even light objects such as books or cups. To get the best treatment you should find the best tennis elbow treatment in Ashford.

Causes of tennis elbow:

Tennis elbow is a health issue that develops over time. It is mostly caused by repetitive motions like swinging a bat or tennis. The repetitive motions that put constant strain on the muscles and tendons can cause tennis elbow. You are likely to suffer from the condition if you constantly play sports like squash, tennis, fencing, racquetball and weight lifting.

People involved in hobbies and jobs like typing, raking, painting, carpentry, knitting, and raking are also likely to suffer from it. These are the jobs that involve repetitive motions that are harmful to the muscles and tendons.

You can avoid tennis elbow by avoiding overuse. If you feel that a certain activity is causing strain on your muscles and tendons then you need to stop doing it. Using the wrong equipment can also cause tennis elbow. Before you decide to play any sports it is important that you warm up so that the muscles are not stiff. After exercising you need to treat the muscle properly and the best way to do is to put ice on the elbow.

Treatment options for tennis elbow:

Tennis elbow is a treatable condition. The good news is that the condition is likely to heal on its own. When you start to see symptoms of the condition you need to take action and the simplest cure is to give the elbow rest. The rest is effective in speeding up the healing process.

If the rest does not help then there are other treatment methods that are effective. Here are a few treatment options that can help in getting rid of the pain.

Ice the elbow:

If the pain and swelling escalate then an effective way of treating is to put some ice on the elbow. Keep the ice on the swelled area for twenty to thirty minutes after every three to four hours. Ice the elbow for two to three days. If you still feel the pain then you should keep using ice until the pain goes away.

An elbow strap:

To stop the condition from escalating you should start using an elbow strap. It will provide support to the elbow and decrease the strain on the tendon.

Try medication:

If the pain and swelling keep on increasing then you should try medication. There are anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen that can help in dealing with the problem. But remember that drugs have side effects so make sure you consult a doctor before taking any medicines.


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