Can These Two Fruits Help with Erectile Dysfunction?


The cases of impotence among men are increasing at a significant rate all throughout the world. There are varied reasons which are contributing to this sexual disorder like high blood pressure, stress, high level of cholesterol, diabetes to name a few. Although there is an increasing number of medications and processes which are utilized for treating this issue we have many of the natural and safer remedies too. The nutrition plays a crucial role in overcoming the challenges of ED which many men face. You can try certain fruits which relax blood vessels, improve circulation and assist you in keeping the erection longer. Since erectile issue arises for not having a good supply of blood towards the penis, so fruits which are good for your vascular system may help out in preventing ED too. Banana and watermelon are two such fruits which comprise of essential components that provide the person much-needed relief from this condition. Filling up your body with the right food boosts the level of testosterone in the body, strengthens sperms and supercharge the erection too.

 How watermelon helps in curbing the challenges of erectile dysfunction?

Watermelon works like Organically Natural Viagra

 Imagine you are eating juicy watermelon and thinking that it is good for sex life. Believe it or not but there are some foods which help in curbing the challenges of the erectile dysfunction which many men face today and watermelon is one of them. Let’s see which is that special about this summer fruit. Watermelon may work like Viagra. This is due to the reason that this juicy and highly refreshing summer fruit contains amino acid citrulline which relaxes and also dilates the blood vessels very much like Viagra does.

It increases blood flow and improves erections

Watermelon is actually a natural source of amino acid citrulline. This substance is capable of supporting natural erections. The way Viagra works by increasing the rate of blood flow towards the penis and facilitating the men to achieve and sustain erections better. The citrulline in watermelon also does the same work but its mechanism is different in comparison to Viagra. One preliminary research which was conducted demonstrated that when this particular amino acid goes into the body it gets converted into another amino acid called arginine which further gets converted into nitric oxide. This chemical dilates blood vessels thereby increasing the blood flow and improving erections. Since watermelon is a juicy fruit, the highest concentration of citrulline is actually being derived from its juice. A typical four ounce of this fruit serving contains 150 mg of the amino acid. In a study conducted by US Department of agriculture, when men drank 1560 mg of watermelon juice for three weeks every day then the concentration of arginine in the body rose to 12% in low dose and 22 % in high dose. So, this illustrates that if you like watermelon then there is a possibility that you might consume it enough as it could improve erectile functioning. If you want to resolve with generic purple pill fildena 100 which has sildenafil contains for a cure from ED instantly.

How banana assists in curing erectile dysfunction and boosts libido?

It silently helps in curing erectile dysfunction

This phallic shaped banana fruit undeniably provides a large number of health benefits. It is extremely high in nutritional value. Although this particular fruit works as a powerful remedy for treating gastrointestinal disorders like acidity, bloating along with constipation and piles it silently helps in curing erectile dysfunction and boosts the sexual desire of the person as well.

A Banana gives enough energy to improve sexual performance

Banana is an ideal fruit which gives you enough energy to improve sexual performance. It contains an enzyme bromelain which imparts quite a significant boost to the libido. The enzyme regulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone and improves the overall virility of a person. It is also extremely helpful in boosting the level of testosterone in the body which is quite a vital hormone for the achievement of healthy and prolonged erections. Since this fruit is a potent source of potassium and B complex vitamin riboflavin, it increases the overall energy level of a person and enhances the libido. There is tryptophan which is present in this fruit which assists in regulating the secretion of serotonin and this hormone that lifts up the mood and enhances the sexual drive of a person. So men who are eating a banana before the act end up performing better.

It enhances the level of blood circulation to various body parts

Since it is a good source of carbohydrates, it can give a significant push to the energy level of the person after a long and tiring day. It enhances the level of blood circulation to various body parts including genitals and helps in improving erections

So eat banana fruit just before your next sexual encounter and feel the difference.


Always make sure to eat these fruits on a regular basis for achieving good sexual health. When your ED is affecting the self-esteem and is actually a constant source of frustration too, then you can try out these two of the fruits on a regular basis for a few weeks before actually consulting the doctor.



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