Best Way to Make Smoothies

Best way to make a Smoothie

When we are looking for the perfect breakfast that keeps you going the whole day, is a combo of taste and all good nutrients and also saves you time, fruit smoothies are the best options to include in that list. Freshly made smoothies are just the right choice for you if you are planning on following a healthy diet.

The taste and quality of smoothies multiply when it is just of the right consistency and a perfect combination of all the ingredients. The best way to make smoothies is to understand the intensity of every flavour you add and to add them in the right proportions to bring the desirable taste and texture to your drink. This article will summarize a few necessary tips and tricks to savour on your favourite drink.

Let’s start with the basic simple blender tips that might prove to be highly effective-

Pouring the liquid first:

It is one of the most obvious tricks to make things go faster and smoother. Adding the liquid first makes it easier for the blender to blend things better and also to smoothen the drink faster.

Starting at the lowest speed, eventually speeding it up:

If you are tired of shaking the blender because the ingredients won’t just mix and blend then this is the trick you should be following. Start blending at the lowest speed. Slowly increase the speed as you see the big chunks of fruits breaking up. Prevent formation of air bubbles that will simply make the blades spin around without being effective. Might seem like a simple trick but surprisingly makes a huge difference.

Now let’s look for the tips that will provide better consistency and texture to your smoothie:

Thickening the smoothie:

1.      A variety of textures while choosing fruits/vegetables or other ingredients will add a thicker texture to your drink.

2.      Remember to add chilled yoghurt in a considerably more amount and less water.

3.      Add frozen fruits especially frozen bananas for thickening the drink and process the mixture for about 20-30 seconds.

Removing bitterness of your smoothie:

1.      When you opt to make a green smoothie with spinach and other bitter and savoury greens, you must add a sweeter ingredient to mask the bitterness of the drink.

2.      For natural sweetness, you can add pineapples, strawberries, bananas or oranges.

3.      You can also add cocoa powder or vanilla extract to neutralize the bitter taste.

4.      Baby greens or microgreens can be better options that will both neutralize the bitterness and serve you a healthier drink.

Reducing the sweetness of the smoothie:

1.      Reduce the amount of added sweeteners to your drink like sugar or honey

2.      Balance the sweet and tangy ingredients or sweet and citrus fruits to add to your beverage.

3.      A tint of lemon juice and lemon extracts can help you relieve too much sweetness of the drink.

Making the smoothies creamier:

1.      If you want to add natural creaminess try adding avocados to your drink. Simply peel and pit the fruit and the whole of it to the mixture for a creamier texture.

2.      You can also try adding ice-creams or yoghurt for increasing the creaminess of your drink.

3.      Remember to maintain the balance of liquids and solids that can give your smoothie a desirable texture.

The best way to make smoothies is to use smoothie ice crushing blender that can give your smoothies the accurate flavour and texture. You can rely on the provided tricks to help your smoothie making be more convenient and less time consuming with better outcomes. So why delay? Follow these tips and see the result for yourself!



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