Benefits of Being Single and How to Enjoy It

benefits of being single

Being in a relationship is a nice experience, however, contrary to what many people might think, being single is also pretty good. When you feel distressed because your friends are getting engaged or are married and life seems to be a bit off kilter for you because you haven’t met anyone special, look on the brighter side as there are tons of advantages when you’re on your own.

benefits of being singleSwinging solo as some people call it comes with numerous perks ranging from health, to career and social benefits. So check out these key advantages that make singlehood a fun, healthy and positive experience for so many!

Benefits of Being Single – Less Stress in Life

being singleBeing in a relationship can, at times, be emotionally draining especially the fear that things might not always go as expected or that they aren’t going as you would like. Everyone wants to have a perfect relationship and therefore, you frequently give priority to your partner’s emotions at times and at the expense of your own feelings. There is always that fear of hurting your partner and even losing them; you don’t want to imagine how life would be without them. This is not to say that relationships are stressful but you must be prepared to go through numerous ups and downs to make your relationship stronger and keep it afloat. On the other hand, as a single person, you don’t have to worry about all these fears.

1You Live a Healthier Life

Recent studies show that single people generally tend to be more conscious about their weight while those who’re in relationships tend to get comfortable and forget to pay attention to there health, fitness and well being. Couple may have more sedentary lives when compared to many singles that frequently are more active and involved in activities that might contribute to their being in better shape. In the end, single people find themselves losing weight more and staying in shape better.

Enjoy a Vibrant Social Life – Happy Being Single

How to Stick to New Year ResolutionsA lot of people agree that when you’re single, you tend to have more time at your disposal to keep your friends and make new ones. Unattached people find find time to enjoy friends and therefore make better friends than couples. It’s definitely one of the benefits of being single! People getting into relationships and marriage often ditch their friend circles to concentrate on their significant other.



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