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"Childe need not mind, although this person is beautiful, but personality publicity, act up really annoying.". Not as restrained, graceful, gentle and kind as Yin Gongzi. I take the liberty to get to know the childe. The yellow-shirted woman said kindly. ~ ~ Huh? The young lady misunderstands, I am not childe, it is a woman. I was stunned and startled, and quickly explained. What Her face suddenly changed. I said to myself, have you offended this man? Ha ha, let the young lady laugh, I thought you were pretending to be a daughter to compete. What a faux pas! Then I won't bother you. She looked at me carefully, smiled, and immediately turned away. I watched her until the man got off the table and disappeared. Only born in a very dangerous environment, will be forced to suppress their own things, do not show their feelings, pretend to like, hate. Pity her rare true temperament, but also hit. Alas, unintentionally,wall penstocks, if you provoke this kind of person, your future will be worrying. It's coming out. Several people shouted together. I saw a bright shadow shooting out of the sedan chair, and it changed from fast to slow. He was a young man, dressed in a gold-striped robe with a white background, holding a silver-light moon-cutting knife, with his headband and waist decorations fluttering. After a few jumps, he stood firmly on a stake with his feet, turned around and turned to the stands,Wall Penstocks, which was a bright face. Look at his set of movements. If he goes to sing Peking Opera, he may not be able to play a role. Look at this face, but the gene is good, a little more handsome than Lu yuan. If according to the public taste ~ ~ look at this group of crazy people on the stage. How good is he! I thought and sat down slowly. ~~~~~ The crowd gradually receded from the royal seating area, and the place returned to its empty appearance of several days. But when you fix your eyes, you will find a small spot. The competition area inside the round martial arts test field made of large stones has a long axis of 86 and a short axis of 54. There are about sixty rows of seats in the stands, which rise row by row and are divided into five sections. The front area is the VIP seat, the last two areas are the common people seats, and the middle is the gentry seats. In the middle of the first row of honor seats is the golden royal seat. The thin man in gray sat in the center, his long hair covering his face. After sitting for a moment, the man stood up, tightened the soft sword on his waist, straightened the corner of his clothes, and bowed his head and left the golden seat. It's like appearing suddenly and disappearing quietly. Ye Dao exclaimed that there was such a spectacular martial arts examination field in Jieguo. Suddenly, fine bubble diffuser ,disc air diffuser, I saw a man. Yin Yuqi?! Miss Ye raised the corners of her mouth and took the man's every move into her eyes. Chapter 51 The Desire for the Poor and the Distant "Walking the Road (Nvzun)" Hangzhou People Chapter 51 The Desire for the Poor and the Distant Ye Dao, holding a willow leaf knife, saluted me with a humble expression. Courtesy. I smiled and returned the salute. Her face was shy and she looked away. Please make a move. Pulling out the soft sword, I said to her. Miss Ye immediately came to her senses and was ready to go. Please do. I put out the'two instruments' and waited for her to attack. Offended! Ye Dao kicked his back foot and used the'immortal guide 'to fly to him. After these games, she was the first to take the initiative to attack. The action was very quick, and I'Bai Hong Tong Xia 'immediately responded. After a few rounds, I slowly took the lead. Ye Dao is as light as a swallow, his movements are dexterous, and his speed is faster than mine. It's just that she's weak, and every time she fights, she's pressed down by me. After a few more moves back and forth, she suddenly revealed a flaw and the middle door opened wide. I wanted to stab it immediately, but when I saw Ye Dao's cunning eyes, I was on guard. Sure enough, this fellow a'Fu Hu Heng Dao potential 'set up the sword, one hand to my face grabbed over. Hurriedly waved'blue sea flow flower 'to disturb this fellow's line of sight, while turning from Ye Dao's side to her back. Although prepared, but she shot too fast, I just feel a tight scalp, but also a pain, did not dare to control, to her vest hard kick a foot. Ye Dao threw himself to the ground. There was a burst of cheers all around. Yin Yuqi won. "Someone is shouting over there.". Breathe out. That was close. Now you can relax. He reached out to touch the back of his head. Uh? Why is the headband missing? No wonder so much hair is hanging down. I looked around, but I didn't. That is, she took it away when she hit him. Looking at Ye Dao, she was turning over and sitting on the ground. I ~ I was in a hurry. Give it back to you. She held out her hand and held up the headband. Standing in front of her, looking down at this guy, not picking up the tape. I feel that this man is very cunning, and I can't be careless. Knowing that I was bound to lose in a long fight, I wanted to win in a dangerous way. But lost faster. She has a very sincere look. Your agility puts me to shame. I'm telling the truth, too. That's true. It's just that I'm a little slow today. But I didn't lose too badly. She said triumphantly, looking at me and glancing at the headband on her hand. When I saw that she was no longer as modest and courteous as she had been at the beginning, I thought, "This man first pretends to be submissive and wants me to relax my vigilance, and then uses a trick to lure the enemy.". You can see that she is very cunning. It's a little slow, but why? I asked her. The red coat is dazzling! Ye Dao said bluntly. Oh I quietly pulled out the headband from her hand. Step back and tie yourself up. Miss Yin, how about making friends? She kept her hands up. ? Why do you want to be my friend? Although did not promise her immediately, but the intuition is, do not easily with this person as an enemy. So I took her raised hand and pulled Ye Dao up from the ground. Because you look good.. Heh heh ~ here, of course, is a good mind, there is wisdom. When she saw my face change, she pointed to her temple. In such a short time, I have experienced her kung fu of the man with a thousand faces. At the request of Ye Dao, he took her to the VIP seats in the stands. As I walked along, I sighed in my heart: "You can't judge a person by his appearance." I really realized that today. Where did you come from,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Ye Dao? When Yunli saw her coming here, he went up and asked, just like an old acquaintance. Ha ha ~ nature is the famous teacher's advice. Miss Ye really had to talk to her. khnwatertreatment.com

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