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When Shen Lanya heard this, she blushed and screamed angrily from embarrassment: "Ah, who is gossiping? Say, I must knock out all his teeth and let him look for teeth all over the ground!" Shen Lan Ya lost his temper for a long time, and then he vented his anger. He just sat on the head, but Shen Lan Feng on a piece of animal skin opened his mouth and said, "Well, Xiaoya, sit down after losing your temper. Tell me what happened and why the atmosphere in the city is not right. Also, when we returned to the city, we saw that the patrols around the city were stricter." And when we entered the free market, we heard people say that hunting was forbidden and that it was a fight. What was going on? Panlongyuan because of sparsely populated, message transmission is very blocked, and as Yang Ye ordered the blockade of the war dragon city, even a few can fly out of the flying pet were shot down, so most of the mercenary regiment hunting on the Panlongyuan do not know what happened in the war dragon city, but only from this way to see and hear, also know that some changes have taken place in the war dragon. As soon as Shen Lan Feng asked this question, Shen Lan Ya suddenly remembered the evil face that he wanted to forget but could not get rid of. He gnashed his teeth and said, "What else is going on? It's because after that evil guy came, he deliberately planned to attack us. First, he talked big in Coiling Snake Town. The next morning in Zhanlong City, he issued a ban on hunting." Our left-behind people sent representatives to negotiate with him, but he reversed black and white. Shen Lanya gnashed his teeth and said that the anger that had just subsided in his heart jumped up again. When he talked about it, he bared his teeth and brandished his claws. He exaggerated Yang Ye's evil several times and showed it in front of everyone: "This abominable Lord arranged those many reasons. In the end,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, he asked us to act as laborers and build a new city for him. It's simply unreasonable!" "Also, say what afraid of our hearts are not convinced, so than the size of the fist, set up more than ten rings in the market, but is to set a rule, to fight three times in a row to leave the battle dragon city, this cheeky guy is intentional!"! He's made up his mind to let us be his coolies! When the Iron Bell heard this, he said in a loud voice, "It's bigger than my fist. Ha ha, it's to my taste. It's just three beats. I'll show you this girl uncle's iron fists with both arms. Not to mention beating,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, it's a matter of minutes to tear down the ring!" Shen Lanya looked at Uncle Tie with an optimistic face, but he patted his forehead and said feebly, "Uncle Tie, people know that you used to be the underground champion of Mu Tianfu, and you are very strong. But do you know how the shameless Lord arranged the arena? In the first two games, the soul will be in charge, and in the last game, the nine-rank soul king will be in charge!"! And if you knew who it was, you wouldn't dare say that! "Oh, who is it? Let's hear it. I'd like to see who is scaring our fearless girls!" The Iron Bell laughed and said.. "Our Qinglong Empire is very famous for a strong soul king, known as the first sword crazy soul king Ou Jian, there is also a crazy name, drunken crazy fist Zhang Lie!"! The day before yesterday, Kunlun, a famous bimonthly hunter in Blizzard Mansion, fought with Ou Jian, a sword fanatic. His strength was one level worse. After three rounds, stainless steel welded pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, he was rolled down. Even if you go up, I'm afraid you're not an opponent! Shen Lan Ya said with a wry smile unceasingly, if it is an ordinary soul king strong, but there are two or three points to win, but the ninth order soul king, that is the end of the soul king, from the peak is one step away, and then up, can be the level of the emperor, let alone the level of the emperor, is the strength of the king, in their this is enough to laugh proudly, because they these mercenary corps do not have a king above the existence.. Also can't say no, but to reach the soul king level of the strong, even if there are mercenaries, the identity of the hunter, will not appear in the Panlong yuan, Panlong yuan even on the beast are not many, the soul king level of the strong is not interested in this hunting, what's more, to reach the soul king class of the strong, power, beauty is basically not short, and even if the creation of forces, will not choose the mercenary corps, but will form their own family villa. When Shen Lanfeng heard this, he was also slightly stupefied and said, "These two senior Soul Kings have been famous for a long time, and they have a strange temper. They haven't come out to walk for many years. How could they appear here?" "Was recruited, also not that evil guy made any tricks, unexpectedly let two strong soul king to his obedience, however, I also asked these two days, it seems that the two strong soul king these years are living in seclusion in the God bow ridge, and those who guard the thunder, also mostly are the soul craftsman apprentice of the God bow ridge, no less than five or six hundred people, it is said that is intended to build a soul soldier workshop here." It seems that the Shi family of Tiangongfang has been dug up and plans to build another Tiangongfang. "Xiaoya, is what you said true?" "It should be true, I asked a lot of people, said it was from Shengong Ling, and the two soul kings are also, as to why, they do not say, mysterious!" Shen Lanya shook her head. Shen Lanfeng rubbed his chin and said, "Shen Gong Ling is a holy place for soul craftsmen. The ten famous workshops for soul soldiers are built there. Those who can learn in Shen Gong Ling are all outstanding. The worst strength is above the soul generals. Otherwise, they can't stand in Shen Gong Ling. Five or six hundred people are still obedient to them. With this force alone, we have no room to resist." What's more, there are two famous soul kings in charge. "What should I do? If I can't beat the ring, I won't be allowed to go down the mountain. The Coiling Snake Mountain Road has been blocked. Hundreds of military forces have been stationed there. Some of the people who wanted to steal before have been caught back. One of them has been hit by thirty boards, which is said to be an example. It's been five or six days now, and no one has been able to go down the mountain!" Shen Lanfeng laughed and said, "The other side didn't intend to let us leave and get an arena out. It's just to let us recognize the reality. It's just to repair the city." "Brother, this is not the problem of repairing the city, but he wants to treat us as slaves, today is repairing the city,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the city is repaired, maybe there are other reasons, this guy is not worth believing!" 。

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