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Li valve camp ZhongJun big account, people gathered, many counsellors also sat on one side, but a clear distinction, divided into left and right sides. Civil officials such as Wang Gui, military commanders such as Yin Kaishan and so on, the commander in chief Li yuan sat behind the commander in chief, his face was gloomy, Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin sat below, the two young Junjie were also sad at the moment. Today is the fifth day after it cleared up. HuoYi at the gates, in the second day after clearing up, the ground has been dry up, Li yuan personally with a great army out of the camp challenge, but Song Laosheng is closed. Li yuan wanted to storm, but under Li Shimin's persuasion, he could only give up the idea. Master, simply give at the end of the five thousand people, at the end of the will be able to take down the HuoYi, dedicated to the tetrarch. Yin Kaishan some discontented swept Wang Gui and others, these civil servants, work is not agile enough, say what skillfully attack Huoyi, this Song Laosheng like a tortoise shell, can skillfully attack down? It's better to fight happily. I haven't fought for half a month,Surveyors tape measure, and my bones are rusty. Yin general is very, master, or storm! It was General Dou Gui who spoke. Is the wife of Li yuan, Dou clan. Count up seriously, or Li yuan's brother-in-law, martial arts is extraordinary, incomparably brave, the body is trusted by Li yuan. Jiro, what do you think? Li yuan habitually asked Li Shimin beside him. Seeing this,Diameter tape measure, Wang Gui could not help frowning. That's not a good sign. Song Laosheng is irascible and is not a person who is good at guarding the city. At the moment although closed the door, but at the end will think, this is not his intention, as long as we continue to provoke, he will be unable to endure, out of the city to meet the enemy, this time is the best time for our siege. Li Shimin's face was indifferent, and he waved his hand with his own style. Li yuan Wen Yan nodded, he has seen Song Laosheng, naturally know that what Li Shimin said is true, but this is to consume time. Guogong, subordinates have a plan, or can solve this matter. It was Wang Gui who spoke. Oh, is there any way to relieve my worries? Li yuan said excitedly. Provoke the general and lure the enemy. Wang Gui said with a smile, "The master will send his troops to Huoyi tomorrow.". He led several hundred light cavalry to the east of the city to wait for the infantry. He sent two princes with dozens of cavalry to the gate to insult Song Laosheng and lure him out of the city. He divided his soldiers into more than ten teams and made a feint from the southeast to the southwest of the city, as if to set up a camp to attack the city. At the same time, he summoned the rear army to rush forward. Song Laosheng this person if see Guogong so do not put him in the eyes, Pi tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, will be furious, want to go out of the city is difficult. Once out of the city, the tetrarch and big childe left army array east, two childe led the right army array in the south of the city. Master can first battle slightly back, song Laosheng said, must want to hit ZhongJun, to catch the master as a target, will be straight down. At this time, the second childe can lead the troops straight to Song Laosheng's side and back, and cut off his army. "Good!" As soon as Li yuan clapped his thigh, he suddenly stood up and said, "Uncle, this is a very clever plan. Tomorrow we will act according to this plan." Wang Gui Wen Yan glanced at Li Shimin with a little pride. Not only your military strategy is extraordinary, but also the big childe has an interest role. The First Wind Rises in Bingzhou, the Seventeenth Return to Huoyi (4) The next day, Lu Zhaoci was struggling in the courtyard. Although he did not know if his soul was affected by time and space when he traveled through time and space, Lu Zhaoci felt that the strength of his body was getting stronger and stronger, but he did not relax his exercise at all. In troubled times, force is the foundation of one's life. Practicing martial arts is like sailing against the current, not to advance is to fall behind. Lu Zhaoci dared not loosen his hands and feet and insisted on exercising for half an hour every morning. Big brother, big brother, Song Laosheng sent someone to invite us to Chengtou. In the middle of the practice, he saw Lu Zhaoying rush in excitedly. What kind of trick is he playing? Isn't he not going out of town to fight? Lu Zhaoci asked disdainfully, "Can't you help it these two days?" "Hey, I can't help it.". If I were you, I couldn't help it. Lu Zhaoying had a smirk. Why, what's going on? Lu Zhaoci stopped and asked in surprise. Outside the city, there are two people with dozens of riders in the challenge, one of whom is Li Jiancheng, who we knew in Hedong at the beginning. "Lu Zhaoying said with a smile," This guy is really bold. He dares to lead these people to challenge him. He clearly doesn't care about Song Laosheng. Think that Song Laosheng's temper is like a tiger, if he can endure it, it will be strange? I'm afraid he'll have to go out of town himself this time. "If he really goes out of town to meet the enemy, it's our chance." Lu Zhaoci said with a sneer, "Go and straighten out the military forces. We'll make a big one today." "Yes.". Hey, staying in the city these days almost didn't suffocate me to death. Lu Zhaoying's mouth has already grinned to his ears. Hurriedly took the long sword, went to the school field to point the soldiers. But Lu Zhaoci also tidied up, just led a few QinBing, toward the east gate. General. Lu Zhaoci bowed his hand to Song Laosheng. "Come and have a look, according to the words. It really annoys me!" Song Laosheng's face turned red, and the whip in his hand pointed at the gate and scolded. All the Huoyi generals around him looked ugly and wanted to kill people. Lu Zhaoci curiously stretched out his head and looked out of the city, and saw two young men with dozens of cavalry shaking at the gate, the whip in their hands, and several Li valve soldiers swearing in their mouths, all greeting Song Laosheng's female elders. Both of them have extraordinary temperament. One of them has a good appearance and a graceful posture. It was Li Jiancheng who happened to meet him in Hedong at the beginning. The one next to him was born with dragon eyebrows and phoenix eyes, and the heroic spirit between his eyebrows was pressing. As soon as Lu Zhaoci's heart moved, he said to himself, "That's probably Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty in the future. He was really extraordinary.". I heard that every time Li Shimin fought, he would go to the front to watch the enemy's situation. It's a bold character. Although it is only one arrow away from here, if you use a giant crossbow, you can still kill it. Then he said with a sneer, "These two men really want to die. The general can order a giant crossbow to shoot them." "These two people bully people too much,Adhesive fish ruler, with a giant crossbow shooting, how can I eliminate the hatred in my heart.". The old man must behead it himself, so that I can vent my anger. Song Laosheng said ferociously.

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