An Aromatherapy Headache Wrap Can Help the Daily Headache Struggle


Headaches are some of the worst pain we face in our day to day lives. A bad migraine can mean the difference between an evening with friends and a night spent at home laying alone in the dark. It’s not as though we can simply sleep them away, either. The causes of our worst headaches – sinus tension, migraine conditions, stress – are natural parts of our daily lives.

We can’t avoid bright lights or stop going to work for the rest of our lives, and we certainly can’t keep missing out on life because of persistent headaches. If your go-to solution to headache flare-ups is to lock yourself away from the world and wait it out, it’s time to find a better way. With the help of an Aromatherapy Headache Wrap, you can take back your life and get back to doing the things you enjoy most.

Laying down in the dark simply isolates you away from the things that aggravate your headache. This method treats the symptoms of a headache without tackling the source. As soon as you leave your cool, dark room, your headache will return. An herbal aromatherapy headache wrap is different because it takes on the actual cause of your headache, and works against a wide range of headaches. Whether your pain is caused by stress, muscle tension, sinus pressure, or simple exhaustion, the soothing combination of warmth and the aromatic herbs inside wraps like the Huggaroo Headache Hat and Sinus Mask – Microwavable Heating Pad with Aromatherapy ease away your pain naturally, relaxing both mind and body until the headache loses its grip.

By applying gentle heat to your temples and face, heated wraps increase blood flow to tense muscles until the influx of nutrients and oxygen eases away the tension. The most effective way to take advantage of this natural muscle relaxer is to use a Huggaroo Headache Hat and Sinus Mask – Microwavable Heating Pad with Aromatherapy, which comfortably wraps around the face and stays n place while you lay back and relax. With a Velcro closure and special extension piece, Huggaroo’s heated wrap fits anyone and stays secure. And while you rest with the super-soft heated fabric gently soothing away your muscle tension, your mind will also be soothed by the fragrant aromatic herbs heated within the wrap.

Inside the Huggaroo Headache Hat and Sinus Mask – Microwavable Heating Pad with Aromatherapy are clay beads, which provide the heat, and a blend of 100% natural dried lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, and peppermint, all herbs which provide stress relief and calming scents. You’ll recognize lavender and chamomile from their popular use as sleep aides, of course, but chamomile is also known to relax muscles, relieving the tension causing your headaches. And for sinus headaches in which the pressure build-up is caused by build up in the sinuses rather than general tension, peppermint is known to clear the sinuses. So as you relax for an hour or so on your couch with this wonderful aromatherapy headache wrap, the fragrant herbs inside will clear away any stress on your body and your mind, leaving you refreshed, headache-free, and ready to get back to your life.

You can order your own Huggaroo Headache Hat and Sinus Mask – Microwavable Heating Pad with Aromatherapy today at, and browse through their selection of health and wellness products for more calming solutions and stress management aides, like beautiful weighted blankets and wonderfully plush weighted lap pads.


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