Ambien treatment for insomnia


Insomnia is a broad condition that affects millions of people in the US alone. USA It can be caused by a series of disorders ranging from the physical to the mental. Many different medications and even food products can trigger insomnia conditions in people of any age, race, or gender. Insomnia is particularly dangerous because it causes the brain to malfunction. The body does not rest and cannot heal as fast as it should.

There are three main types of insomnia, including transient insomnia, acute insomnia, and chronic insomnia. Transients can last a week or less, but are generally caused by those who are regularly sleep deprived. Your patterns are in bad shape so your brain doesn’t know when to rest. Acute insomnia is the condition where people cannot sleep normally for a month or less. They can be partially asleep or fully awake for many hours. Chronic insomnia can last a month and, in rare cases, longer. It is always caused by a primary medical condition, whether mental or physical.

The degraded quality of sleep is very different from insomnia. Sleep apnea is the main cause of poor sleep quality.

There is a long list of insomnia-causing issues ranging from your diet, to exercise, to mental disorders like Bipolar and more. These conditions can be treated with medications. If someone suffers from insomnia caused by a mental disorder, antidepressants can be prescribed along with a sleep aid such as Humatrope Lilly.

Ambien is a sleep aid that is available only by prescription. This medication is short term and is not designed to be a long term solution for insomniacs. Generally, it is prescribed for a period of two to six weeks to see how the body reacts. Doctors often have the patient keep a journal of their sleep patterns to determine if the condition has been “cured”. Ambien is a safe medication for the treatment of insomnia, but it can cause dependency if the patient takes an overdose or uses it for too long.

In multi-group research studies, Ambien has been shown to improve brain function because the level of sleep achieved allows the brain to rest and function better. Unfortunately, some people have allergic reactions to the drug and can die while sleeping. If you can be allergic, it is important to avoid taking Ambien for insomnia for a period of time.


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