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SeeReadShare is the go to place for all the information on so many topics that we’ve totally lost count! We cover every topic and idea in detail and make it easy to read, enjoy and share. So whatever you want to learn about today, we’re sure there’s an article here that will be of interest! We have fun learning and sharing what we find out each week and hope you enjoy it as well!

SeeReadShare.com is owned, operated and run by 2 Mom entrepreneurs as well as 3 writers that love to find cool, interesting topics, products, information and ideas to share.  Sorting out what are the facts and fallacies on different topics as well as offering concise and easy to understand concepts is our goal.  And if we can offer some humor, fun and a little bit of friendly understanding to day to day life, well – even better!

So have a seat!  Put up your feet and check out our latest and greatest posts.  Or, explore by topic and find something fun to explore and don’t forget!  Bookmark, pin, tag or save us so that you can easily come back soon.

Bobbi, Nelly, Steve etc.

And in case you wanted to know a bit more about some of us, here’s some “dirt”:


I’m Bobbi and honestly wish I could say exactly what my role here is….Jack (or “Jane”) of All Trades and Master Of None?  In the end I’m where everything lands if there’s an issue or a problem.  But that’s ok, because it means every day is different and I’m always learning.  In addition, I get to find out what you are interested in and make sure that we get posts and information on those topics as well as other topics we discover each day.  So thanks for visiting and I hope you join our mailing list so that we can chat more often and share what we each learn!

About Us

Nelly is a writer and content manager here at SeeReadShare.com – She loves reviewing, testing and writing about products and various lifestyle topics. Over the years, Nelly has appeared in Fame Horse Wire, Talking to Nelly, The Pop Fiddle, Urban Twist Magazine, Rockefeller News, 5th Quarter Mag, TechieSense.com and Fun Advice among others. When she isn’t writing, she can be found busy in the kitchen testing out new products and gear.  You can look for her articles and reviews on those products and topics that help make your life easier, your style better and she throws in a dose of good fun! Nelly also is responsible for our giveaways and product development.


About US SeeReadShare.comSteve’s our “digger” –  He takes an idea or a story concept and he digs and digs until he’s got the info that we need to put out a great post or article to share with you!  Best of all he knows how to pull it together in an interesting fashion so that we can all learn and enjoy it.  He’s interested in SO many topics that it makes him a perfect fit for being part of our team.  I guarantee that if you raise a question or idea with Steve, he’d have an opinion and you’d have a great conversation.  So if you have questions or comments, share them in the posts or send us a comment!  Steve will get back to you! 😉





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