A List of Preoperative Profile Test


People get scared at the name of operations and surgeries, but they are necessary to keep us fit and healthy. When the doctor thinks that a patient requires to undergo some specific operation, he will have to make sure that the patient is physically sound to undergo the operation and bear the postoperative complications. Therefore, the doctor prescribes a list of preoperative profile test for the patient to screen his physical condition. If there are any abnormalities in this test, the doctor will treat the condition with proper medication before determining the date for the operation.

Preoperative Profile Test
Preoperative Profile Test

Various List of Preoperative Profile Tests:

1. Blood sugar test:

Diabetes or high blood sugar can hinder or delay postoperative healing. Diabetes is also responsible for several physical problems like weakness, sweating, vertigo, and many more. As a result, the doctor checks the glucose level of the patient before planning for an operation. Low sugar levels are also not good. The doctors will give proper medications and lifestyle tips if there are any abnormalities in the patient’s sugar levels.

2. Blood clotting test:

This preoperative profile test is very essential because it helps the doctors to know how long it takes a patient’s blood to clot. This prevents excessive blood loss or anemia during surgery.

3. Full blood count test:

This test helps measure the number of blood cells available in the blood. This includes white and red blood cells. It also measures hemoglobin, the loss of which results in anemia and other health complications.

4. Blood gases test:

This test is very important because it measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the body. This preoperative profile test is beneficial especially for heart and lung patients who may have difficulty breathing during an operation.

5. Lung function test:

The lung function test is also known as a pulmonary function test. The test helps check the functionality of the lungs, whether they can hold enough oxygen. The lung function test is a very effective preoperative profile test.

6. Chest X-ray:

A chest x-ray is performed before any operation to determine whether the patient is suffering from any heart or lung disease. A chest x-ray is not required for minor operations but is a must before any major operation.

7. Electrocardiogram or ECG:

An electrocardiogram is very much required before any operation especially in the aged people. An electrocardiogram is a scan which helps to detect if there are any problems in the heart or heartbeat rate. The doctors have to know the functioning of the heart of a patient before they conduct any major surgery. This will give them an idea about the patient’s performance.

8. Urine dipstick test:

This preoperative profile test is effective in diagnosing urinary tract infections or any kind of disease of the kidney.

9. HIV test:

The HIV test is done before any minor or major operation for the safety of the patient as well as the medical team. The doctors and the nurses are at high risk of contracting the disease from an HIV positive patient. It is very important to know whether a patient is HIV positive before an operation so that the doctors can take precautionary measures.

10. Sodium-potassium test:

The test measures the amount of sodium and potassium in a patient’s body because these chemicals are helpful in the proper functioning of the heart and other organs.

This article discusses the types of preoperative profile tests that doctors conduct before any major surgery. All these tests will help in determining whether the patient is fit for the surgery or not and this helps them in taking all the precautions beforehand.


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