9 Ways to Prevent Your House from Mold Growth

Prevent Mold growth
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Is there anything that can be done to prevent mold? Yes, the best way to stop mold growth is controlling moisture level inside your house. Mold growth often occurs when excessive water accumulates indoors, particularly if the moisture problem goes uncorrected.

Mold damage can be costly and depending on your property insurance coverage, you may not be covered. The best way to get rid of molds is to clean your house regularly. You should also clean your rugs, carpets, sofa, etc with the help of battery backpack vacuum cleaner for efficient results.

While it is impossible to eliminate all mold spores, controlling moisture can prevent their growth. By solving all moisture problems before they escalate, you can prevent damage to building materials and furnishings, save money, and avoid potential health problems.

Molds are organisms that breakdown animal matter and dead plants. Though most molds grow outdoors, they can travel inside by way of open windows and doors, air conditioning systems and on pets, clothing, and shoes.

The moist environment creates favorable condition for mold growth such as lint, ceiling tiles, etc. Therefore, it is really important to stop the mold growth inside your house.

Here are some tips to prevent mold growth:

1. Maintain Proper Ventilation System

Mold grows in a damp and warm area. Ventilating your house and circulating fresh air is the best way to reduce moisture level from the atmosphere. This way, you can prevent mold growth.

An exhaust fan can help you in reducing moisture content. It can throw away moisture-heavy air. Keep your exhaust fan ON until it throws out heavy air and let the clean air move inside your room. 

2. Regularly Clean Your House

More delay in the cleaning process may prevail in favorable condition for mold growth. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your house, especially the bathroom regularly. You can use a battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning and efficient results.

This way you can get rid of molds easily. In case, moulds are build up in your bathroom or any other wet area then immediately give it a good scrub and get rid of them. Try to stop the growth of mold in your house as it can damage that area.

3. Seal Tiles Appropriately

Please ensure that your bathroom is fitted properly and it is completely waterproof. If your tiles are not properly adjusted then it may result in mold and bacteria.

4. Avoid Mold And Mildew Removal Spray

These sprays are designed for use on tiled surfaces only. They contain bleach that will stain walls and carpets and that could lead to you losing some of your damage deposit for replacement carpet and repainting.

5. Manage Standing Water

During its early growth stage, mold is delicate and can be easily removed. Therefore, an exhaust fan in the bathroom can prevent mold growth and make it difficult to grow. The exhaust fan will pull away excess moisture level and do not sustain good condition for molds.

Maintaining proper ventilation, the right strategy to manage standing water, use of high-quality material in wetrooms are key to stop condensation and mold growth. Try to handle these issues while designing your wetroom and sustain a healthy environment.

6. Figure Out Main Problem Area

What walls do you notice the mold growing on? You will be more likely to experience the problem in rooms – such as the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere you dry clothes indoors – where a lot of moisture will be released into the air by your activities.

Therefore, you should maintain cleanliness all around. For quick and efficient results you can use a battery-operated backpack vacuum cleaner.

7. Reduce moisture Content In The Air

Always run the provided extractor fans when doing anything that produces a lot of steam: showering, bathing, boiling potatoes. Open a window to let moisture out as soon as modesty permits! Invent in air conditioners and maintain a healthy indoor environment. You can also invest in dehumidifiers

8. Always Dry clothes outside Your House

When seasonally appropriate and if you have space, dry clothes outside. When drying clothes inside, always try to have a window open to let the excess moisture escape.

9. Keep Your Windows Open

The best and cheapest way to get rid of the excess moisture inside the room is to open your window. It will let the stagnant moist air move outside and also let the cool & fresh air move inside your room.

This simple trick will remove the excess moisture from your house.  In addition to this, you can also open the door to let more air move inside. 

Final Words

To stop mold growth inside your house, the first step is to maintain proper ventilation. Do not let the heat and moisture trapped inside your walls. If it is left undealt then it can result in mold growth. You should follow above-mentioned tips and get rid of molds easily. 


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