9 Signs of Lung Cancer That You Need to Know

lung cancer symptoms

One of the most well known results from long term smoking is lung cancer.  However, there are other causes for developing this cancer that develops in the lungs in addition to smokers who are in the highest risk category for developing this form of cancer.

lung cancer symptomsThe symptoms for this type of cancer can vary from person to person, however, there are several symptoms that are common in those individuals that develop lung cancer. It goes without saying that one of the first steps you ought to take if you feel that you have some of these symptoms is to visit your doctor for a plan of action and treatment.

1Ongoing and Endless Cough

We’ve all heard hacking, dry coughs.  If you have an ongoing cough for more than a week without other medical issues such as a cold or a respiratory infection, it is possible that the cough is due to lung cancer. One of the earliest signs of lung cancer is a prolonged cough.  This cough develops because there is a tumor obstructing or irritating the airway. So if you have this symptom and it continues for several weeks without further illness symptoms for a cold or flu, get checked out by a medical professional.

A Pain in The Chest

indigestionOne of the early symptoms of lung cancer is felt as a sensation of a pain in the chest area.  This might be feel like it is in the chest or also could be in the shoulder or the back area. An aching feeling that may be dull feeling, and is not associated with coughing is how many describe it.

You want to take some time and figure out where the pain is located as well as if you can determine any known or potential cause for this symptom showing up.  For any pain of this nature without a known cause, ask your doctor to check things out for you to be safe.



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