9 of The Top Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

Breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day, when you are trying to lose your weight. Wrong food can enlarge your cravings and your failure will begin before the day has even started.

On the other hand, consuming the right food can hold back your craving for the rest of the day. Which will help you in weight loss. Here are some of the breakfast ideas which can help you in losing your weight:

  • EGGS

Eggs are rich in protein and contains many important vitamins and minerals like selenium and riboflavin. As the power station of nutrition is eggs. Eggs contain high protein which can reduce the appetite when eaten at breakfast, which can help you in losing weight.

A research study showed that 152 adults who replaced the bagel breakfast with eggs helps them in losing 65% of their weight.

Although there are many ways you can enjoy eggs with, you can combine eggs with your favorite veggies, for a delicious and healthy breakfast.


The Wheat germ is a constituent of the wheat kernel, which contains many vitamins and minerals, including manganese, thiamine and selenium. It is also high in fiber.

Studies have shown that consuming fiber help in losing weight loss. Studies also show that eating cereal fiber helps in reducing appetite, sugar level also remains stable and your weight gain risk is decreased.


Bananas are high in fiber and low in calories, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with bananas in the morning. Although bananas are also a form of starch that your small intestine don’t digest.

Many studies have also shown that taking fiber from fruits and vegetables helps in losing weight. Starch can also help in reducing belly fat and food intake.


Delicious yogurt can help you in reducing weight gain. As yogurt is high in protein, and it makes an ideal breakfast.

Combining yogurt with some fruits will also make your breakfast healthy and your day delightful.


Smoothies at breakfast not only contain the concentrated dose of nutrition, but it also helps in reducing weight loss. Smoothies not on helps you in consuming nutrition, but you are also taking nutrition and protein at a time. Full filling your smoothie with veggies and fruits helps you feel full for longer time.

To resist snacking and combat cravings enjoy your smoothie throughout the morning.


Many berries like strawberries, blackberries are all nutrient-dense, this means that they are low in calories but contains essential nutrients.

Berries not only contain minerals and nutrients, but are also high in fiber, which means that it reduces your hunger and food intake.

Adding berries smoothies in the breakfast can help you in busting your weight.


In many dieticians plan charts for weight loss, most grapefruit is the main ingredient in that.

Grapefruits besides having low calories, it also contains water and fiber in it. And as you know that fiber helps in reducing your food intake and hunger.

Grapefruits can also be added to your smoothies and salads which can be a part of your breakfast.

A study of 12 weeks shows that people taking grapefruit lose about 1.6kg of weight than the usual.

However, if you are taking drugs then you should consult a doctor before taking grapefruit. As may certain drugs interact with grapefruits and can cause effects.


Your morning cup at breakfast can help in reducing weight. As coffee contains caffeine and it boosts your metabolism, which helps in reducing fat.

Coffee increase metabolism by 13% that results in burning fat.

Make sure not to add sugar and creamer, as it will increase the calories.


Green tea is the most important ingredient in many diet plans. Green tea is studied for its fat burning capacity and metabolism.

Although, there are limitless ways which helps you in enjoying green tea in the morning like you can add lemon in the green tea or, adding ginger or honey.


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